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Wearable App Development and Related Challenges and solutions You need to know


Technology is shrinking everything down into smaller versions. Some devices are even made so that the users can wear them while in use. Smartwatches and fitness bands are classic examples of such technology. However, wearable technology is much more than what we see in smartwatches and fitness bands. These gadgets have smart sensors connected to the internet for data exchange, making them more useful. Google presented Google Glass in 2013, which was the first head-mounted display with augmented reality and the ability to snap images.

Need and Rise of Wearable Apps & Devices

In a world where physical activities have stopped, and people still wanting to track and improve their lives, wearable devices can be pretty helpful. They can be worn on the body and used as accessories for various functionalities. A wearable app development company makes good use of IoT and Machine learning to deliver a useful and  great experience. It is because of IoT that the exchange of data between device and network stands possible. The possible increase in this technology has made wearable app development service crucial.

Wearable Devices

From many options available in the market, one can leverage the type of wearable technology they want. Even the big faces of IT such as Google and Amazon are now providing support for these wearable devices. The basic SDK is now available from different vendors. Wearable devices that can be seen around pretty often include heart rate monitors, health band, smart ECG meter and all these become possible due to the growth of the wearable app development industry. Apple went one step ahead and provided built-in cellular for accepting calls. Fitbit, a simple yet stylish wearable gadget can be used to track health in real-time.

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However, these devices offer very little of what’s called human-machine interface (HMI). The controls on these devices are either phone oriented or less as compared to other devices. For a few expensive range wearables, these problems boil down to a few lights and other small issues. However, the user interface is not very rich in these devices either. The solution is the best wearable app development company as they know how to overcome all these challenges.

Some Challenges which you can face while developing such an app?

Unlike other tech devices, wearable technology has a smaller area and this development of such devices becomes complex. Here are some challenges that are often encountered during wearable application development:

  • By manipulating physical hardware, security may pose a problem.
  • When the device measures data from many sensors, battery life reduces to a significantly low level. That is the reason why it is advisable to switch off heart rate monitor on such devices to reduce quick battery consumption.

There is a solution to these problems as well, which is often used by the expert wearable app developers:

  • Security of the data can be increased by using encrypted algorithms.
  • By using deep sleep mode and low energy solutions, battery life can be improved.
  • Bluetooth solutions can be converted to a more robust solution like Beacon powered or Wifi-enabled.
  • Network connected solution can be provided, such as Dedicated network, where data is more secure.
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