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10 Best Instagram Widget Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website


If you use Instagram and you want to upload and present your images not only in the Instagram app but also in your blog, then you will find here a useful list of tools to embed Instagram Widget on website.

With these plugins, you can either embed an Instagram feed or Instagram picture galleries into your blog. Some tools are – as far as the functions are concerned – rather simple, others offer more features

Tools For Embedding Instagram Widget on Website

1. WP Instagram widget

With this plugin, you can insert an Instagram widget with Instagram images into the sidebar or footer of your blog. You can not change anything in the presentation, the widget layout will inherit the general theme layout settings.

For those who want a reliable plugin without the bells and whistles, WP Instagram widget is an option.

2. Taggbox

Taggbox is a social media aggregator and display tool. It allows you to aggregate and embed social media feed from various social media platform. It fetches Instagram feed via hashtags, handles, mention and user name.

Taggbox gives you a powerful moderation feature to customize your Instagram widget as per your requirement.

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It’s robust Analytics features provides deep insights into the reactions, interactions, and engagement of the users with the embedded Instagram posts.

3. Simple Instagram Feed

With this plugin, you have the opportunity to show your current Instagram photos on your blog, either as an Instagram widget or via shortcode. If you can handle code safely, you can also embed the images in the blog using a PHP code snippet.

You can specify how many pictures should be displayed. So that everything works, you need an access token as well as a user ID of Instagram. About the button inserted in the plugin, you will be guided to further information.

4. Instagram Zoom Widgets

Instagram Zoom Widgets let you post feeds with your Instagram pictures or with a specific hashtag in the sidebar of your blog. The images are converted into a Word Press image attachment, which makes the use of a token unnecessary.

5. Insta Grabagram

The plugin Insta Grabagram inserts an Instagram feed widget into your blog, which is marked with a specific hashtag. This Instagram plugin is especially useful for sites that want to show new images on a particular theme, for example, to a resort, a location (restaurant, club …) or to a specific person.

The code, however, you have to integrate via PHP code snippet in your functions.php or your theme.

6. Instagram feed

This plugin offers quite a lot of setting options. You can create photo feeds from multiple Instagram profiles, while making the layout flexible in terms of image and column count, height, and width of photos.

You can also include a follow button and a header graphic.

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7. WP Instagram Gallery

The WP Instagram Gallery plugin allows you to create responsive Instagram galleries of different profiles and hashtags. The pictures can be displayed in different styles like Grid, Masonry or Slider. As far as the layout is concerned, the galleries are kept very simple.

The galleries can be integrated into the blog with a shortcode or as a widget.

8. WP Instagram Feeds

WP Instagram Feeds also allow you to add a picture gallery of your Instagram account to your blog, either via a shortcode or via a PHP code snippet. There are two layouts in the presentation style: Grid and List. You can also set the number of pictures.

9. Enjoy Plugin for Instagram

With Enjoy Plugin for Instagram is again quite a lot possible: Once you can insert photo feeds from various Instagram accounts or profiles or feeds with a specific hashtag in your blog.

The layout allows carousel and grid presentation (with fade-in loading effect).

How many columns and rows you want to display can also be determined individually. The integration takes place via shortcode or widget.

10. InstaNOW

Also good is the plugin InstaNOW, with which feeds of Instagram accounts as well as hashtags can be inserted into the blog.

In addition to picture galleries, it is also possible to create sliders from the Instagram photos and to integrate them in different places on the blog.

The plugin exists in a free version, the paid Pro edition is available on EnvatoMarket for $ 15.


This is just a selection of the many Instagram tools available on the Internet.

It all depends on what you need, a simple image feed, or even an option for image galleries from other Instagram profiles or Instagram hashtags. The plugins can be tested quite quickly, so you’ll quickly find out which plugin you like the most.

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