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Major Factors To Optimize For A Good Product Listing On Amazon


Selling products on Amazon would be one of your best decisions because this platform has the capability to expand your online presence and boost sales as well. The manufacturers or sellers can also outsource Amazon product listing services for the best optimisation of product selling and appearance. There are lots of factors which affects the sales on Amazon such as image, product description, frequency of selling, keywords or SEO optimisation, etc.

Amazon has some strict rules which help in product listing on Amazon. Here is a small and quick blog to understand the tit-bits of eCommerce catalog management services and Amazon product listing services.

Tip 1: Focus On SEO Optimization

Amazon is itself a big search engine when it comes to product searching. There are lots of things in the Amazon search engine that is way different from Google’s search engine. But those factors can be used to enhance sales and visibility.

Keep in mind that the strategy of keywords for Amazon is quite different from Google. The sellers aren’t required to repeat their keywords to boost page relevancy but can focus on the following:

Product Title

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Never infuse duplicate keywords in the Product title.

Product Description

The product description is a wider space on the Amazon platform where you can put all the long tail and exact keywords while giving all information about the product.

Product Images

Images impart the primary impression which not only increases your sales but also counts as the main requirement on Amazon. The main image should be 1,000 pixels with a white background.

Tip 2: Offer Discounts

In a survey, it has been found that the customers tend to choose discounts over cheaper price options. They feel the discounted product as quite of a deal. Setting prices to the lowest hardly makes you a profit.

Tip 3: Have Amazon Prime Products

In an internal survey, it has been found that Amazon earns 90% of its revenue from Prime subscriptions as it offers fast and free shipping. Therefore, the products that aren’t coming under Amazon prime get automatically filtered out by the Amazon Prime Customers.

Do note that the products suitable for Amazon Prime to increase your product’s visibility and sales as well.

Tip 4: Get Good Product Reviews & Ratings

A serious buyer reads product reviews before making any purchases. But at Amazon, reviews and ratings are taken quite seriously where many buyers leave their honest reviews and ratings of their recently bought product. This is also the main reason why lots of consumers rely on Amazon product searching. But you may also find some negative reviews which may shatter your future deals.

Here are some tips to deal with negative reviews:

  1. Ask the customer about the issue and try to make it right. Then ask your customer to remove the negative review.
  2. Issue an explanation about the negative review, especially to your potential customers.
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Tip 5: Improve Shipping & Inventory Management

In an eCommerce business, an updated inventory and quick shipping procedure boost the business to a new level. And when you apply for the amazon fba software program to manage your shipping and inventory, chances are high when you don’t have enough stock to spread throughout these warehouses. And this can vehemently drop your ranking on the platform.

The solution to this is to integrate an automated marketing platform with Amazon to help you manage your inventory and get updates in real-time. One can also outsource eCommerce catalog management services and Amazon product listing services to get updated results and status.

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