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Top 3 Benefits of VoIP Billing Solution in VoIP Business – ASTPP Billing


VoIP solutions are used to take care of in-house communication and collaboration operations or to run wholesale or retail businesses in the VoIP segment. In both cases, the use of VoIP solutions in businesses is common. Some of the VoIP solutions come with an inbuilt VoIP billing module and some without it. In any business, accounting is a really important part of the business. The VoIP billing software or module can help in keeping accurate accounts. If you use VoIP software to run a business and to provide services, accurate billing is even more important.

If your solution doesn’t have an inbuilt advanced billing module, you can integrate a third party or open source VoIP billing solution to take benefit of automated invoicing and billing. If you are not sure why to use a comprehensive billing system, here are the top 3 benefits explained:

  1. Automate invoicing and billing

Here, I am not talking about the basic billing module usually available in many billing solutions. I am talking about a comprehensive invoicing and billing system. Generally, this type of VoIP billing software comes with a wide range of features such as call rates, call groups, rate card, package creation, and many more. All these features automate the whole invoicing and billing process. The major benefit is that it doesn’t restrict its users to apply some specific types of billing. The VoIP service provider can create all different types of invoicing and billing. In fact, they can also apply custom billing to a specific customer within a customer group.

  1. Save resources

If you will not use VoIP billing solution, then you will need to use a manual resource who takes care of the billing part in the case of the service provider and account part in case of an individual business using the VoIP solution. You need to pay a salary and also need to provide the required infrastructure and environment to retain the resource and let him deliver the best possible performance. There will be some more resources invested in this process. Still, the manual accounting process is slow and prone to human errors. On the other hand, when you use a VoIP billing solution, you can take benefit of the most accurate billing as well as you will save all resources otherwise invested to take care of billing.

  1. Increase ROI

The VoIP billing solution lets you save manual resources and many other related expenses by automating the invoicing and billing process. Furthermore, time and expenses can be saved. On the other hand, instead of spending weeks, within a few hours, the billing task can be finished. In a nutshell, a comprehensive VoIP billing software solution will reduce expenses and increase revenues, which will result in a clear increase in ROI.


Whether a company uses a VoIP software solution for use of in-house team or it wants to bill its customers for the services they use, they can get benefited by using a comprehensive and feature rich VoIP billing solution. There are really impressive VoIP billing solutions available in the market and some of them are even open source solutions.

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