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Why to Choose Flutter cross-platform in Mobile App Development Services?


Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK, complete with widgets, frameworks, and tools, giving developers an easy way to build and deploy visually engaging, fast mobile apps on the Android and iOS platforms just like best mobile app development service provider do.

Flutter helps you develop fast, well designed and compatible cross-platform mobile applications. Let’s take a look at Google’s latest UI framework and learn about its broad and promising possibilities to prove the best mobile app development services.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a free open source framework for building native apps with the same codebase on iOS and Android. It has been on the market since 2017 and has been released as a full product (not beta) since the first Flutter Live Conference in December 2018.

This is a relatively new tool and is well known for providing the best mobile app development services, and companies like Alibaba, one of the largest B2B online markets, and Tencent, China’s Internet-based group, have already adopted this technology for their most important products. Google also uses Flutter in the Google Ads app. This framework is also the development platform of the upcoming operating system, Fuchsia.


Key Benefits for Mobile App Owners and Best Mobile App Development Service providers:

  • From the app owner’s perspective, the key benefits are as below:
  • Flutter speeds up the mobile app development process
  • Reduces app creation costs and

Helps teams build beautiful app UIs with smooth animations.

Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Write Faster Code Making it a Best Mobile App Development Service Provider
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For developers, Flutter means faster and more dynamic mobile app development. This is the so-called hot reload, which typically takes only a few seconds and helps teams add features, fix bugs, and experiment faster.

  1. One Code for Two Platforms

Developers write only one codebase for 2 app platforms, including both, Android and iOS platforms and this feature makes it perfect for the best mobile app development service provider. Flutter does not depend on the platform because it has its own widgets and design. This means you have the same app on both platforms.

  1. Less Testing

If you use the same app for 2 platforms, your testing efforts will be reduced! The quality assurance process can be faster.

  1. Faster App

The Flutter app works in a smooth and fast way without hanging or cutting while scrolling and this very feature makes it the best mobile app development service platform.

  1. Design that Users will Love

Flutter is designed to make it easy to create your own widgets or to customize existing widgets.

  1. Same App UI on Older Devices

New apps look the same on older versions of Android and iOS systems. There is no additional cost to support older devices. Flutter runs on Android Jelly Bean and above as well as iOS 8 and above.

  1. Suitable for MVP

Do you need an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that your app will show to investors? The flutter is perfect, especially, if you have very little time.

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Disadvantage of Flutter

Although Flutter is considered as the best platform for mobile app development service provider just like every coin has two sides, Flutters also comes with some limitations like:

  1. New Language- It is an easy language to learn, but it’s still a language to learn.
  2. Suited for Universal Apps– Flutter’s biggest advantage is building native-looking iOS and Android apps using the same codebase can be a major disadvantage for some.
  3. App can’t be smaller than 4MB– Flutter-made apps are usually larger because they use built-in widgets, not platform widgets.
  4. New and Unstable Tool– Some developers claim that Flutter is still not mature enough to handle large e-commerce applications, but Tencent’s and Alibaba’s cases don’t seem to.

In a nutshell, Flutter is one of the best mobile app development technologies. Of course, it has some limitations, but its use in the bigger platforms proves its worth.

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