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How to Password Protect Your PS4 and Restrict Guest Access


Imagine this, you just got the new PS4, and you woke up all night to know that a level is challenging to solve in one or two tries. The next day, you spend many hours to create an amazing strategy to come up with a solution. But when you plan to complete the level, you find out that your cousin or a friend who was in your home earlier has already solved the level. 

Some people think that creating a new user on PS4 can stop others from disturbing their games. However, this isn’t a solution in the real, and people may still hijack your game. So, what should you do?

A perfect solution to the problem is password protecting your game and restricting guest access. Apart from making others take control of your game, there are many other reasons to protect your PS4 with a password. 

Now the question is: How to password protect your PlayStation console?

When it comes to protecting your PS4 and restricting guest access, you need to do at least two things. First, you must have a passcode for protecting your user account. In the second step, you have to restrict guest access, so that nobody uses your PlayStation without your permission. 

Steps to Protect Your PS4

  • Begin with switching your PS4 on. Now, make your DS4 controller come out of sleep mode by turning it on. 
  • Now, sign in on your profile to passcode protect it. Make sure you have signed into the profile. 

Login ps4

  • Go to the home screen and pick settings. 

Go to settings



  • In the settings option, scroll down to users.

users setting

  • Now, choose login settings. 


  • Pick Passcode Management. In case you have a passcode, you need to create a new one. It is a password that comes with a 4-digit passcode that can be changed using different buttons. 

Passcode Settings


  • You need to write the password twice before confirming it. 

Login Passcode

Steps to Restrict Guest Access

  • Visit Settings and choose Parental Controls.

Parental control Settings

  • Now, Choose Restrict User of PS4 Features.

Restrict use of ps4 features


  • The default parental control PIN will be 0000.

Parental control pin

  • Go to [New User] and Log in to PS4.

new user

  • Now, set your own pin. 

Now, you have restricted guest access to your PS4. In order to ensure that nobody hijacks your PlayStation in your absence, you either need to sign out or put the device on rest mode. When you power it off, the person needs to have access to your PS4 before messing with your game. 

If you don’t do these things, then anyone can access your console or mess with the saved files. To make the process work, you need to log out of the device or put it on the rest mode by choosing this option from the menu. 

When someone switches the console on, they need the passcode to access its features and play a game. 

Apart from setting a passcode, you can also manage the time for ‘PS4 turn off’. The default time is one hour.   

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