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How Automation Can Help Your Small Business Turn Into A Giant In Your Industry?


Technology and automation have been an integral part of everyone’s life as well as for businesses. Right from the mobile phones or the headphones you use to self-driving cars, technology prevails in every domain. 

Technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence have become very common and are being used in each and every application. Be it any industry including retail or restaurant, the need for POS billing software and online payment processing software becomes essential. 

Businesses nowadays understand the importance of these technologies and also their impact on the efficiency and productivity of the business. So, businesses should start adapting to the technology to survive and stay ahead in this competitive world. One of the examples is utilizing the best time tracking software

According to the Sharp Spring investor presentation, the marketing automation software is valued at $6.1 billion and is growing by 20% annually. More than 58% of the B2B companies use one or other types of marketing automation software including an online invoicing software. 

As per the reports from social media today, more than 75% of enterprises use at least one Marketing Automation Software. Based on the survey conducted by the House of Marketing, 48% of marketers use automation software to provide the best customer experience.

How Automation benefits businesses?

Automation software can be anything right from tools to capture the data of the visitors to complex software such as shopping carts and POS software. The benefits of using such a POS billing software or such software are cost reduction, productivity, availability, reliability, and performance.

  • Reduce Costs

According to reports from Google and KPMG, it is predicted that Indian SMBs can increase their profit multifold by using digital technologies.

The biggest challenge that small businesses face is increasing costs. Automation software can help in reducing costs and increasing profit. Workplace automation can help in avoiding costly mistakes and also streamline the process which is done over and over.

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Investment in automation software looks huge in the starting but enterprises can notice the benefits over a period of time. With the present technology almost all the tasks can be automated. 

With best accounting software for businesses like Moon Invoice for accounting and tracking the expenses of businesses apps like Trello helps in managing the tasks assigned and CRM like Zoho and salesforce help businesses manage the workflow easily. The benefit of using this software is an increase in customer experience while systematically reducing the costs.

  • Time Management

The greatest advantage of using automation software or an online invoicing software is it reduces the time taken to do the same job again and again. It is just like using a machine in the factory which can work round the clock tirelessly. 

In the same way, automation tools can help your business in automating the mundane tasks of the workflow. The objective of every business is to increase productivity. 

Productivity increases when the time is taken to perform a task increases. 

For example, job scheduling software increases the batch throughput by automating the production batch schedule. Businesses nowadays are more dependent on technology for streamlining their day-to-day activities like data entry, reservations, scheduling meetings, orders for shipping, and any more.

  • Insights

Most of the automation software nowadays is developed using the technologies like ML and AI which provide smart insights to the business owners and also give out recommendations about what can be done in the future. 

POS and best accounting software for businesses like Moon Invoice provide data related to the inventory, data of the customer from all the touchpoints, customer transaction history, and many more. With technologies like big data and Hadoop, business owners can easily generate great insights which help them in making informed decisions that will directly impact the revenue generation of the company.

  • Improve Customer Experience

With a lot of advancements in the field of technology, the way businesses provide services to customers has changed a lot. 

By 2025 experts predict that 85% of all interactions will be handled and maintained by machines without any need for human intervention. By understanding and analyzing the data from various tools, businesses can set up personalized and automated customer service thereby providing faster and more accurate information to their users. 

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Using technologies like NLP and artificial intelligence software can answer the questions directly asked by the customers. Considering the upcoming technologies, automation software can predict what the customers are looking for by understanding the buying behavior. Hiring and training staff eats up a lot of time and money. Using AI-powered software like a POS billing software provides employees with the required information which helps them in closing a deal.

  • Productivity and efficiency

Using automation software more can be achieved in less duration of time. This is done by automating the tasks that are redundantly performed. This helps businesses to better use the resource and also save a substantial amount of time. This leads to an increase in productivity. 

Technology can also impact many business processes from marketing to manufacturing and ensures costly errors can be prevented beforehand thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • Improve employee Morale

The main objective of any type of industry is to maximize the output. Extending the working hours of employees does not maximize the output but in return has negative impacts on the company and also puts the morale down of the employees.

When the employee morale is low they put in their time but don’t give the best efforts in it. This adversely affects the productivity of any business. 

One way to improve this is by providing opportunities that will create a sense of purpose and also help them to develop their skills. This can be achieved by automating tasks and free up time for high-value tasks. 

According to a report from Smartsheet, 69% of the employees felt that automating tasks will reduce the wastage of time during the day and 51% of the people reported that they can spare extra 6 hours a week if the repetitive tasks are automated.


For businesses looking to increase their efficiency and productivity, automation is the key to achieve this. If automation is implemented correctly, employees can spend their time on other important tasks without worrying about time-consuming and repetitive tasks. For the  same you can learn about the best accounting software for businesses.

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