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10 Signs That You Are About To Hire A Bad Ecommerce Agency


So you’ve decided to launch an online business, and you’re thinking of hiring an eCommerce agency to help you out. 


Great! But just before slapping down a deposit, we want to give you ten signs that you may be hiring the wrong digital agency and that your venture might not be as successful as it could have been:

1) They don’t have a transparent pricing model.


Beware of a marketing firm that does not have a clear pricing model. For instance, if you ask them how much it will cost to design a website and create your logo, they will give you an estimate that might seem very competitive. 


However, when it comes time to sign the contract, they insist on charging you a rate that is double the amount they had quoted before. In addition, they may or may not tell you that you will pay for other services such as hosting and domain registration separately from the project price. 


So before signing a contract with any company, make sure to ask them what digital marketing services you will be paying for and how much each of them will cost.

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2) They have a terrible website.


The website for your eCommerce agency should be professionally designed. The site should have a responsive design and a modern look and feel. That means it should fit your screen size, no matter what desktop or mobile device you are using. If you visit an agency’s website with poor visual appeal, it could mean that they have prioritized things such as their portfolio over the quality of their work.

3) You are asked to pay in advance.


Understandably, an eCommerce agency wants to have a budget before the project starts. They will also want to have some time to prepare themselves before work begins. However, they should definitely not ask you for any advance payments. If they do, it could mean that they are looking for your deposit money before you even know what the project’s scope is.


4) You are asked to pay the project price in full.


Payment in full is not appropriate when hiring an eCommerce agency. Wages are normally paid based on a per-project rate which you pay when the work is completed. Therefore, it’s only suitable for an agency to ask for an upfront payment to ensure they can be rested before starting the project with you.

5) You are not kept in the loop.


When you hire a digital agency, you should be kept in the loop regarding what to expect. They should not only send you regular reports on the progress of your project, but they should also let you know if there are any challenges or unexpected delays. If they do not do this, they have no interest in making sure their customers are satisfied with their work.

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6) You do not have a hand in designing your website.


While your agency’s job is to create a website for you, it is not their right to take away your creative control. It is indispensable to chat with your eCommerce agency about the type of design you want to see on the site. You should also have a say in how the colors and fonts are going to be used.

7) They overpromise and under-deliver.


If an eCommerce design agency promises you amazing results, they need to deliver them. It includes not delivering false promises of significant returns on your investment. If they do, you will be left with a bad taste in your mouth, and you will not want to work with them again.

8) They do not use the best technology.


It is also important that they use the best technology available. This means using up-to-date software platforms and engaging SEO tools. Also, they should use modern hardware such as reliable servers and high-speed internet connections. If they do not do this, you may have to wait longer for your site to load. It may also be less secure than it should be.

9) They are not responsive to your needs.


You must be able to get in touch with your eCommerce design agency easily. They should have an easy-to-remember phone number and an email address that does not bounce back if you send them a message at 2 am.


10) They do not perform competitive analysis.

Preciseness and accuracy is essential too. If they do not conduct a competitive analysis on your industry and your competitor’s sites before starting the project, you can be sure that they will not be able to give you a superior product compared to others in the same industry.


Now that you know what signs to look out for when trusting an eCommerce agency, you are meant to be able to spot the companies that are right for you. Just remember to be strategic when choosing which company you want to work with.

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