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Which Is The Best Shopify Development Company In The USA?


The time is right when you create a new Shopify store, as for everyone who owns an e-commerce store or plans to own an e-commerce store, it can do wonders for their business to have it on Shopify. In case, you are not looking to build a new Shopify store, then you can take up this task of making the major upgrades to your existing store. There are a lot of amazing possibilities that can be taken advantage of when building the store on Shopify like it could be massively extra sales and opportunities and a lot more. 

However, you start your Shopify journey, you need to search for expert Shopify developers, who can meet all your needs, that too at a price that best suits you. So, in this post, we will be exploring how you can choose a Shopify developer and what are the necessary things to be kept in mind.

First, it is important to understand that it is easier to create a Shopify store, but what is more important is to make it work and for that, you require a Shopify development team that helps you with the technical work. After all, creating and processing a Shopify store is not only about dragging and dropping features, and it is vital to find suitable apps and know how to edit the codes for the Shopify store. After all, a Shopify store that lacks excellence in handling technicalities can have a bad impact on sales and marketing activities. 

Why Is It Important To Hire The Best Shopify Development Company To Create An eCommerce store?

Well, there are a number of incredible reasons that back the significance of having a great Shopify app development company having your back. And here we have mentioned a few of them:

Reduced Costs: A business can surely enhance its growth by getting the chance to lessen the expenses. When there is no need to buy equipment and other supplies, it means that the overall cost is going to be reduced. And this is why it is wonderful to have a company on board. 

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Accuracy in Technical tasks: In order to stay in the competition, it is vital for the business owners to stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations. And this issue can be easily resolved by leaving it to a Shopify development firm, hence enhancing productivity without any comprise on quality. 

Able to focus on business processes: When you have an outsourced Shopify team, it will handle the entire technical work, and thus you have more time to work on crucial business tasks that needs your individual attention, such as content management, marketing, customer service, promotions, and other vital services. 

Which Are The Top Shopify Development companies In the USA?

Here we have provided the list of top Shopify Development companies in the USA, which makes the entire selecting and finalizing of the development company a lot easier. They are: 


Founded in 2008, this New York-based firm has now expanded to London & New Delhi. It offers full-fledged services and various customized solutions for mobile & web development, design, and eCommerce projects. There is an eCommerce flower business that chose to work with Mobikasa from the very beginning, and MobiKasa went on to develop the flower business’ Shopify website from the scratch and upon its launch, the shop was flooded with many orders. This is the potential of this company and the developers working for it.


Established in 2013, EmizenTech has delivered pioneering website and Shopify development solutions to its clients all across the globe. It is a leading website and mobile app developer, primarily known for creating great Shopify websites, and has delivered several successful Shopify solutions for all sized businesses. The firm has a team of skilled and passionate professionals who handle sketching, developing, and supporting inventive customized web and mobile solutions hence driving clients towards a successful business journey. 


This is one of the leading brands focused to help brands in growing through digital transformation services. They offer varied services in software, hardware, design, and development ranging from creating business-centric apps to robust Augmented & Virtual Reality apps that greatly satisfied the customers and meet their every unique requirement.


This Chicago-based full-stack development agency has a team of more than 90 professionals, who are adept in mobile app development strategy, UX design, and eCommerce development. Their clients consist of startups and enterprise firms and over the years, these companies have worked in business services, education, health, and consumer products. 

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This boutique eCommerce agency was founded in 2014 is based in Chicago. It is a team of three which mainly offers eCommerce development solutions, primarily for Shopify, and besides it also provides web development & design, digital strategy, as well as conversion optimization services. 

Lounge Lizard

With Lounge Lizard, the eCommerce businesses can take advantage of the full-service approach to Shopify and reach the sales goals. It is a Shopify-certified partner that excels at creating successful eCommerce websites in North America. It takes care of your entire digital marketing needs, starting from developing a customized storefront to driving the revenues via SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Advertising. 

Solo Media Group

This established Shopify development firm works with the creatives, established brand, and design teams to create apps and websites that are ‘pixel perfect’ on the front-end as well as intuitive on the backend. Solo Media Group works through a proven process and has delivered several eCommerce projects and Shopify websites over the years.

Arctic Grey

This award-winning Shopify development company has helped many clients to generate more than $300 million in revenues and it has a team of experts who have upgraded websites very quickly and are experienced in building one even from scratch. They take care of the planning, developing, designing, launching and marketing and are using the most pioneering website development tools to create a great, engaging website. 

VT Labs

This is yet another famed Shopify and eCommerce website development company, which is also a Shopify Partner and it provides individual solutions to Shopify and is always up-to-date when it comes to technology and software.

Krish TechnoLabs

This well-known Shopify Development firm offers amazing services in the field of Shopify development with amazing eCommerce development team of experts working for them that helps them to empower brands and their exposure to their customers. They are always striving to deliver great results to the clients and have worked with several renowned names in the business. 


This was the list of best Shopify website development companies in the USA known for delivering marvelous results. In case you are looking to create a Shopify website, then it is best to get in touch with these firms, visit their official websites, check reviews and go through their past work and accordingly make the choice most favorable to you.

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