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X-Box Series S Upcoming in 2022


Did you know that last September, MicroSoft discovered the Xbox series S and another called Series X. There’s also news of launching a refreshed version of X-box series S in the late 2022s.If you want to know when xbox series x come out in 2021, then this is the right page for you. All the information about xbox series price, xbox series specs, gamestop xbox series s, should be known to you before you make a purchase decision.

X-box Series S – X Refresh Leak 

According to the reports, Microsoft is planning to refresh its consoles atleast once in the late 2022. Do you know that out of the Xbox Series S and X, it’s the series S that is reportedly on a higher priority and advancement by the audience. This might be to compete with the likes of the latest and upcoming PS5 Slim. Plus , Microsoft is also working on the X-Box series refresh that has an estimated timeline of 2023 and later on. Also, the organization is also planning to decrease the price of the consoles. The reason for this is the Law is Dead channel that Microsoft is betting on Game Pass sales makeup for its costs. It’s been observed that the prices for the latest series S will be $350. The organization may drop the current price of Xbox Series S and X to $249 or $189. Microsoft is the one that’s selling the Xbox series X and S in India. In Indian currency, it will be around Rs. 34,999 or Rs. 49,999 in rupees. If that’s the rumour spreading everywhere, you can also see the prices of X-box series going down in India. Don’t worry about anything, everything will be updated. Before that you must know the difference between xbox series s and x.

More Information About Xbox Series 

Xbox is a video gaming brand that’s owned and operated by Microsoft. It’s a brand that consists of many video game consoles along with applications and streaming services i.e. Xbox network. It’s the name of the development arm of Xbox game studios. It’s the brand that was first introduced in The US in the month of November, 2021. This was the day when the original Xbox console. The real video game console was offered by the American organization. This was when the Atari Jaguar stopped its sales in 1996. It reached over millions for more than 24 million units sold in May, 2006. Then, came the second console of Microsoft. It was known as Xbox 360 which was released in the year 2005 and has sold more than 84 million units till June 2014. That’s how all the information about xbox series s, xbox series s vs xbox series x, xbox one series s, xbox series x vs series s, is made available to the people. The third console was released in November 2013 that sold more than 50 million units.  Then, there was the fourth line in November 2020 when the Xbox series S and X was released. You must know that the head of the X-box series is Phil Spencer. He is the one who succeeded after Marc Whitten, the former head in the year 2014.

It’s of prime importance to understand that Microsoft has been working to leverage the branding of Xbox.  The thing is beyond the console hardware, yet it’s a general video brand. This brand is reflected in the naming of Microsoft Studios. It changed to Xbox game studios in the year 2019. Phil Spencer stated this in June 2019 that business depends on how many players are playing the games that are brought. It’s all about how players are playing their games and when they are playing them. It also depends on which route you’ve taken and how you’ve taken to play the specific game. Spencer also identified that the major component of their plan is going forward to stream the xCloud game streaming service for the audience. The mobile gaming potential area also needs to be taken into consideration. He also says that it’s not hardware agnostic and totally depends on where you want to play. It also depends on how Microsoft strategized their Xbox branding in future. With the right guidance, you will know everything about the microsoft xbox series s, xbox series s vs xbox one x, and so much more. If you don’t know where to buy the xbox series, then you can go for xbox series on amazon, xbox one x vs xbox series s, walmart xbox series s, and other options available online.

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The fourth generation Xbox series i.e. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are simply known as Xbox. These were launched on 10 November, 2020. Both of these are considered members of the 9th generation video game consoles. This was alongside the PlayStation that was released this month. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are low and high-end versions as compared to Xbox One S and Xbox One S. The models designed under these series are playable aon all the types of systems and good for everyone who wants to play. It’s a digital only unit with the support of 8K resolution and 120 frames per second rendering.

From the new xbox series s to xbox one s xbox series s, 2022 xbox series s, you’ll have all the options available to you either online or offline. Plus, you can always keep a check on Google for the latest updates about the new xbox series s, xbox series s latest news,  xbox series s review, and so much more.  Moreover, in order to help their transition consumers with its most first party games, there were numerous free updates introduced for Xbox versions. This was after a few years of the console launch.

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