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Reality around Falsehood of RFID Chip of Obama Care Program


This article was written to help Americans to know the truth about the deception of Radio Frequency Identification microchips within the Obama-care program. The lists of emails and social networks have been responsible for spreading a rumor that presumes Act Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama-care, would require all insured to be implanted with a Radio Frequency Identification microchip, which is simply untrue. This article serves to dispel these rumors and falsehoods. We will also clarify the confusion surrounding what constitutes being a real story, what should be considered “parody” and what are simply lies.

What is the rumor RFID Chip Obama-care?

The first thing to understand is what a Radio Frequency Identification chip is actually. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification means Radio Frequency Identification. Although this technology was used as a tool of espionage in 1945 by the Soviet Union, a man named Mario Cordell is credited as one who designed the Radio Frequency Identification microchip.  

The false rumor assumed that all Americans under Obama-care will be implanted with a Radio Frequency Identification microchip which will link medical records and bank accounts. According to the stories, it was assumed that all would be implanted with microchips somewhere in 2016. Some versions of the rumor have the implants be placed in the hand or neck. Other versions of the story say the microchip would have GPS capability for monitoring and tracking of people.

Rumors about the alleged requirement of RFID microchips began circulating in 2009 with the drafting of HR3200, an initial version of the bill Obama-care; that version never became law. In particular, a section of the bill HR3200 provides that the Department of Food and Drugs (known as FDA for its acronym in English) could create a National Medical Device Registry to collect and analyze data from an “implantable device” as an RFID microchip.

How comes that this section was transformed into fraud RFID microchip Obama-care?

The deception began with email messages sent by mass media. Anyone can buy a list of email addresses, making a false message and send to it. The email addresses and sender information can be hidden, so it could avoid knowing the original author. It is believed that someone who is not in favor of the Act Affordable Care decided to spread rumors about the RFID chip to increase opposition to Obama-care.

By combining the suspicion with fear, you can achieve a mixture of falsehood around the true factual information. By adding the broadcast mass media, is achieved circulated a baseless rumor to spread faster than wildfire. Here is an example of an email that was used in 2009 to spread the rumor of Radio Frequency Identification microchip.

This Device is the Future of Slavery

Watch this sinister device. If you do not believe me, do your own research before coming to discuss or debate. Warn your people and support awareness; investigate further on your own and avoid becoming a victim of this new witchcraft. “Now the fact is that Radio Frequency Identification USA and UAE providing devices that can be used for Radio Frequency Identification file tracking, Radio Frequency Identification inventory tracking, Radio Frequency Identification jewelry tracking, Radio Frequency Identification in retail, Radio Frequency Identification asset tracking, RFID in USA, RFID inventory tracking software, Radio Frequency Identification solutions and RFID people tracking.

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