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Perminova‘s Cardiovascular Data Management


Every industry today finds it difficult to function without the existence of a technological system which permeates through its very fabric making it dependent on the system. The advances made in technology has made it possible to achieve greater heights in every field as new discoveries are made with greater chances of accuracy within a small time frame. The healthcare industry specifically relies a great deal on the technology which drives it. The smallest of functions like record keeping and accessing them to the surgery workflow and data management are effortlessly managed by the computing technologies today which work as the software.

Perminova is one such organization which provides a platform for integrated web-based products which help to regulate the functioning of a healthcare system. It has pioneered the healthcare‘s shift towards the more modern and reliable cloud-based computing which can be enabled anywhere and at any time by the staff as well as the clinicians.  

This is the primary advantage of the Perminova Services. The cardiovascular information system developed by Perminova has the capability to match together products which can be further integrated with various functions as need be.

The Cardio browser-based platform of Perminova can be customized for different cardiovascular specialties. It enables the doctors, nurses and other administrators to provide an increase in patient safety, efficiency and charge capture. These Cardio based platforms can be easily integrated into the existing system of the hospital thereby enabling a smoother run of information and regular activities. The advantages of this being that the crucial patient data is never lost, is accessible, easy reclaim in insurance, and the charges are not lost, thus saving on vital time each day for every process.

It has helped in an overall reduction of the costs in IT enabling more and more customers and healthcare providers to embrace this system. The best part about this is the fact that there are no procedures, hardware or even complex mechanisms that need to be installed. This is a simple web-based application which has helped many healthcare facilities.

The entire system use cloud-based computing solutions which help to efficiently protect and safeguard patient records and access them anytime, anywhere. This private data center is constantly monitored by the security experts who ensure that the cloud services function ever smoothly. Perminova has adopted security measures which go beyond the HIPAA and CCHIT. They together enable the protection between the client and the cloud user interface.

The cardiovascular management today is at a crucial junction, where major precision is sought since it has complex real-time issues involved which adeptly gets addressed through the latest modern technology of cloud-based computing, thus making Perminova the most sought after healthcare solutions provider.

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