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How Android Spy Software Works to Protect your Teenager from Cyberbullying


The widespread adoption of smartphones has turned to cyberbully into the most common online danger. The victims of online harassment have been suffering from depression, isolation, low self-confidence, and several mental and psychological issues. The unstopped online bullying can have horrible impacts on the health of the victim.

Many teenage girls and boys have been victimizing by persecutors and parents are informed about that. The children do not inform their parents about their involvement in bullying because they think their parents could not help them out. Rather they would take their mobile phones or other privileges back. In this way, parents fail to protect their children from the negative impacts of bullying.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to find out if your kid is bullied or bully. Parents can take support of the android spy app to protect children from online harassment by keeping track of their smartphone devices. The app allows reading chats, listening to calls and watching out social media activities of kids to prevent them from intentional and unintentional harassment. Read on to know how the android spy app of TheOneSpy lets you protect your teenagers from online bullying.

What is Cyberbullying?

You might have experienced bullying in real life. The online bullying is not different than face-to-face harassment. The use of electronic means such as mobile phones and computers to frequently harass, threaten, tease and humiliate someone is called cyberbullying. The platforms for social networking have been promoting online bullying by enabling persecutors to access and victimize the target. An online bully can harass the target by keeping the identity hidden or impersonating someone else’s identity. The bullying in which the predator is unidentified can have a more severe impact on the mental and psychological health of the victim.

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Android Spy App to Protect Kids from Online Harassment

Have you ever used parental controls to manage the digital behavior of your kids? The monitoring app of TheOneSpy acts as a parental control app and allows watching out and managing the cell phone usage of children. Once you install the app on your kid’s phone, you can detect if there is any bullying material hidden in chats, posts or somewhere else. Your kid does not get any hint that you have installed a spy app on his phone. The app works with complete secrecy and its icon remains hidden. Also, it cannot be detected with an antivirus program.

After installation, the app accesses important data saved on the phone and uploads it to the online portal of TheOneSpy. Parents do not need to access kids’ monitored devices to check out activities. The mobile phone can be monitored and operated via the online portal of the parental control app. Read on to know how this app helps you find out bullying messages and harassing stuff on your kid’s phone.

Detect Bullying Messages

Do you find your kid annoying or depressed after reading a text? There are possibilities that your kid is receiving bullying messages. If he does not share his negative experience with you, it can be hard to protect him from the severe consequences of bullying. However, if you are using android tracking software to remotely supervise the cell phone activities of your kid, you can read all the chats of your loved one without accessing his phone. The app syncs all incoming and outgoing messages and provides you access to these chats via the online portal of TheOneSpy. You cannot just read messages but can also get the contact details of the bully. This contact information can be used to report the case.

Listen to Bullying Calls

What if you could listen to the phone calls of your kids without accessing their mobile phones? The android parental control software lets you listen to the phone calls of your children by getting these calls recorded. The app automatically records all calls without letting your kids know. It traces all inward and outward calls without disturbing the communication. If your kid receives phone calls from a bully, you can find it out. Also, you can get the contact number of the callers and recipients. The contact detail helps you restrict the bully from contacting and harassing your kid by blocking incoming calls from the contact number of the predator.

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Monitor Harassing Social Media Posts

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are a safe haven for bullies. The persecutors use fake identity to harass the target. The most common example of bullying on Facebook and Instagram is humiliating or negative comments on social media posts. Your kid is likely to receive embarrassing comments on his Facebook or Instagram post. Some get involved in bullying without intention. For instance, if a fellow makes funny comments on your post to tease you, it is usually ignored because it is a type of unintentional bullying. However, the harassment made with an intention must be reported. If your kid is receiving threatening messages from a bully through any social media app or instant messenger, you must be informed about it. The parental control app for android devices provides parents access to social media chats and posts of their children. It helps to find out bullying stuff including comments, messages, posts, photos, and videos.

Track Threatening Emails

Bullying is not just limited to social media apps and instant messaging apps but it can be done via emails. Your kid is likely to receive bullying emails from an unidentified source. The Android surveillance app allows watching out emails received and sent by your children. You can read these emails via an online portal of TheOneSpy. Also, you can get email addresses of negotiators. The high-tech parental control app allows closely watching out email accounts of children by providing you with their passwords and other credentials. Parents can sneak into the online accounts of kids to supervise their digital behavior and protect them from bullies, child predators, and online criminals.

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