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Get Peace of Mind With Emergency Alert System


When it comes to our family members, especially the elderly, it is hard to rest assured knowing that they are always ok. Unfortunately, we can‘t all be with our elderly loved ones at all times during the day. However, one way to ensure that they are safer and that you can keep a closer eye on them is through an emergency alert system.

Life alert systems provide your loved ones with the opportunity to contact you in case of an emergency. It is also a great way for you to monitor your loved ones while at work or during your busy schedule.

One emergency alert system that has grown in popularity and continues to give customers more safety is Silent Beacon. This life alert was developed using cutting-edge Bluetooth technology and has given customers more confidence in leaving their loved ones.

Silent Beacon simply connects to a smartphone using a free app. When a button is pressed on the wearable, waterproof device, it automatically alerts your emergency contact via text message and phone call.  

Through this device, you are also able to track your loved one using GPS.

The Silent Beacon also has some great features, which include a two-way audio communication system, loud alert speaker for deterrent, rechargeable battery and the ability to alert a user if the phone is stolen or missing. This life alert system works with many smartphones including the iPhone 4s and higher, as well as the newer versions of Android and Blackberry.

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Unlike other emergency alert systems, the Silent Beacon does not charge a monthly fee. In fact, you can purchase this life-saving device for a one-time fee of $59.99. It is easy to use and can quickly be connected to your smartphone.

These devices are not just used for the elderly, but can also be used for children. In today‘s society, it is important that you know where your children are at all times and that they have an option to get in touch with you during an emergency. This is why Silent Beacon also offers a family pack, which includes four devices for only $199.99.

Silent Beacon created by Kenny Kelley, he developed this cutting-edge technology to help those in need get immediate aid. The Silent Beacon is the latest advancement in emergency alert systems. More people are turning to this device for safety and peace of mind. To purchase a Silent Beacon or learn more about the product and its features, visit their website at today.

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