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New Delhi-Based Venture Secures 8.5 million: LaGhate the RooTer


As one of the most innovative startups in the country, LaGhate the RooTer has convinced 8.5 million investors to fund its ‘blended technology‘ platform.

Headquartered in New Delhi, the venture is developing a transport platform that unites the advantages of both traditional and modern methods of payment. The primary goal is to develop a comprehensive system that connects commuters with public transport and reduces the complexity that comes with it.

In addition to simplifying payments for public transport, the LaGhate platform allows users to access various other services such as fare management, seat detection, and destination mapping. This can help to facilitate the efficient movement of people in emerging cities and reduce the time spent waiting for transfers between public transportation networks.

The money raised will be used to further develop LaGhate’s platform, scale its operation, expand its reach and also increase its network of partners. LaGhate also plans to use its technology to reduce riders’ wait time and explore other avenues of revenue.

LaGhate has been credited with having the potential to boost overall operations in the transport sector. And with the latest round of funding, the venture can push itself to its full potential. 

This investment rounds up the growing  investments in India’s public transport market and showcases the potential of the venture and its technology. LaGhate’s success goes on to show all the opportunities that the Indian start-up ecosystem has to offer.

 RooTer Technologies Raises 8.5 million from LaGhate Ventures

The router industry has been abuzz with news of the latest round of funding for RooTer Technologies, a provider of router and network security solutions. The 8.5 million dollar investment was secured by LaGhate Ventures, a venture capital firm specialized in Companies transforming the way the world connects. 

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RooTer Technologies has been developing innovative routers and products to help accelerate digital transformation of homes, offices, and businesses alike. Its technology offers next-generation cloud computing, edge computing, and software-defined networking infrastructure. 

The funds will enable RooTer to further accelerate and expand its market presence in the US, Europe, and Asia. Its portfolio presents comprehensive wireless, wired, IoT, and SD-WAN devices that provide simplified and cost-effective networking for homes and businesses of all sizes. 

RooTer’s vision for the future is to help connect individuals and businesses, simultaneously making the world smarter, faster, and more secure. With the new round of funding from LaGhate Ventures, the business will be able to continue to invest in its technology, expand its enterprise-grade product offering, and create more strategic partnerships. 

Overall, the new investment will help power RooTer’s mission  to become the leading provider of routers and other secure network solutions the world relies upon. 

LaGhate Ventures Funds 8.5 Million Investment into Delhi’s RooTer Technologies

Delhi-based RooTer Technologies has recently raised a whopping 8.5 million dollars in venture funds from Laghat Ventures. This is a major breakthrough for the pioneering telecom engineering solutions and services provider, which will surely help them make more significant strides in their research and development work regarding blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology.

This investment is seen as a major milestone for the company and will enable them to tap into newer markets and expand their operations. With the support of the newly-acquired venture funds, the firm will be able to leverage its pan-India clientele. It also plans to acquire more resource in terms of skilled talent as well as back-end infrastructure to amplify its scope of operations.

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Commenting on the fundraiser, Vishesh Tiwari, the CEO of RooTer Technologies issued the following statement: “We are truly pleased to receive such a valuable endorsement from Laghat Ventures. This is an exciting time for us as we are now in a position to strengthen our strides in the telecom engineering and service industry.”

This announcement comes just a few weeks after the company completed its Europe expansion bid. This latest investment will enable RooTer Technologies to propel itself among the leading communication service providers in India as  well as abroad.

RooTer Technologies is a technological innovator that provides cutting-edge hardware, RFID tracking and intelligent control solutions. It has recently been focusing on providing blockchain-based solutions to the telecom sector and aims to intricately integrate distributed ledger technologies with mainstream client/server technology.

This investment will definitely help the firm make more strides in this field. It is forecasted that the industry segment is set to worth an estimated $54.3 billion by 2024. With the promising prospects ahead and a formidable fundraising feat in its kitty, RooTer Technologies is indeed in a powerful position to capitalize on these opportunities.

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