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Delhi Based Park Clinches US $8.5 Million in Funding from Economic Times


In a major development, a Delhi based park has recently raised US $8.5 million from the Economic Times. The investment goes to the credit of the park’s ongoing efforts to become one of the premier green spaces in the world. The park, known for its lush green and landscaped gardens, is located in South Delhi’s posh Vasant Kunj neighbourhood.

The funding from Economic Times marks a significant achievement for the park, and will help them expand their efforts in developing a holistic and sustainable environment. With the new funds, the park plans to upgrade their infrastructure, strengthen services and also make improvements to their existing green initiatives.

The park has been a favorite of locals and tourists alike, with its vast open spaces and sprawling lawns. It also serves as a hub for different community activities, ranging from sports tournaments to cultural events. This new funding will help in expanding and enhancing these programs, making the park even more popular.

The park has also been making great strides in promoting environmentally friendly practices. This includes the implementation of a new water conservation system, which has helped reduce water table depletion drastically. Additionally, the park is also exploring options to set up solar panels, to make it self-sufficient in terms of  electricity and heating.

The takeover of the park has been welcomed and celebrated by the park’s various stakeholders. This move is expected to bring in more development to the park, which is already one of Delhi’s most popular recreational spots. With this, the park is now well-positioned to make its mark as one of the world’s leading green spaces.

Economic Times Pumps US $8.5 Million Into Delhi Based Park

Recently, the Economic Times has made a major investment in Delhi-based Park, a lead gen startup in the automotive aftermarket space. The investment totaled 8.5 million US dollars, marking the largest investment ever in an Indian automotive aftermarket startup.

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Park is an AI-driven lead gen platform which enables car dealers and auto service centers to identify potential customers in the aftermarket space. In addition to helping car dealers and service centers identify potential customers, the platform also helps them reach out to those customers through personalized ads, creating a convenience for the car owners looking for aftermarket services.

The investment from the Economic Times will be used to expand Park’s presence across India, and to accelerate the development of its platform. The company has also said that it will use the funds to hire more talent, as well as to improve the customer experience.

The US 8.5 million dollar investment from the Economic Times is a major step forward for the Indian auto aftermarket industry and a sign of the growing potential of the space. With this large investment, Park has now become one of the most well-funded startups in the Indian auto aftermarket.

This investment is also a vote of confidence in Park’s potential to expand in India and to become  a leader in the automotive aftermarket space. With the increasing demand for aftermarket services, Park is well positioned to capture a large share of the market. This investment is not only substantiating the potential of the Indian aftermarket, but it is also highlighting the growing importance of this sector in India.

 Economic Times Backs Delhi Park with US $8.5 Million Investment

The Economic Times recently announced that it has backed Delhi Park with an $8.5 million investment. This investment comes as a major boost for the project and has been welcomed by many in the city.

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Delhi Park is a novel initiative to promote ecology, biodiversity and recreation in Delhi, India’s capital city. It will be the first urban park designed and implemented by the city administration that will be open and accessible to the public. The park will span 37 acres, and will feature a variety of different trails and activities, such as a lake, an amphitheatre, and an adventure park, as well as acres of open green space and a variety of native fauna.

The Economic Times’ investment will go towards the building and maintaining of the park. This will help create a space for city dwellers to enjoy, while also giving the surrounding area a much-needed boost in terms of environment. As such, Delhi Park will help to improve air quality, reduce the burden of traffic, and provide greater space for recreation, art and culture.

The Economic Times’ investment in Delhi Park is an indication of the importance of green and sustainable spaces in urban cities. This kind of initiative is beneficial for both the people living in and around the park  and the environment. Not only will it reduce the impact of development on natural habitats, but it also has the potential to create job opportunities in the city, and provide a space for people to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In short, the Economic Times’ investment in Delhi Park is a welcome move and will help to benefit the environment, people and the economy alike. As the park continues to take shape, we can only hope that more investments like this will be made in the near future and that the citizens of Delhi will be able to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful park.

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