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Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Friend


Each of us has that one nerdy friend who always knows the name of every star wars character or the story behind every item in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Some of us are even geeks ourselves. Yet when it comes to shopping for geeks, it might be a bit difficult task for geeks only want “geek approved” things. Luckily, this article will tell you more about the top gifts which you can buy for your geek friend and will explain why these awesome gift ideas are just perfect for them.

Playstation or Xbox console

Let us assume that most nerdy and geeky people love playing video games. The best feeling of playing high-resolution video games comes from either PlayStation or Xbox, so getting them one of these is a complete score. In some cases, both of these can be very expensive and getting them a PC game of their choice can also work as a great substitution. Needless to say, they will be satisfied with any gift of this kind and will show it to you by inviting you for a game. Games are just one of the popular things geeks love.

Board games

Speaking of games, almost every geek loves playing those long-lasting and exciting board games that just cannot stop. Knowing that you might want to venture into a game store and purchase one for your nerdy friend. Top board games right now are The Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Battle Star Galactica, and Star Wars. Many nerds also love playing Dungeons and Dragons franchise, and getting it as a substitution for a board game may do the thing. Make sure to save the bill of fare, so that they might be able to substitute it for something else, in case you do not buy the one they like.

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Star Wars VS. Star Trek

Know your friend. In the world of “geeks”, you are either a Trekkie or a Star Wars fan. You cannot be both! And so, once you find out which one your friend is, consider getting him a movie or series prospect, or an iconic character figure from the movie or series. Both “Stars” are equally popular among geeks, and this makes a great gift regardless of the situation. If you want to make your friend extra happy, consider getting him an original movie prospect or a signed autograph from one of these franchises. That will definitely make his day, month, year.

Computer equipment

Every nerd loves his computer, whether pc or laptop. They try to constantly improve it in order to be able to play all of the incoming games. Games are a very important part of a geek’s life, so buying him something that is computer related is always a good deal. Consider things such as gaming mouse, touchpad, custom made keyboard, custom USB, and many other things which will definitely come in handy. One does not simply play Skyrim on a low budget PC or laptop, so helping them improve theirs is a very special thing for them.

Bring the action

Another thing which you will notice in almost any geek’s room are action figures, still kept in their original foil. The reason this is done is to preserve the figure’s value, especially of those from the first or special edition. Many geeks do this, and so getting them one of the iconic action figures might just be the perfect gift. Make sure you keep it in its original package and know your friend before purchasing him an action figure.

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No matter which gift you go for, your friend will love it. Once you have done your research, your gift will without a doubt make them feel special.

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