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5 Creative Ways to Host a Video on Your Website


From small businesses to large multinationals, all industries are turning to the video content trend to generate leads and make a noise. Even if your business or service is very straightforward, there are a number of ways in which you can embed a video into your website.

A video is a sure shot way to increase traffic to your website and is sure to take your business a notch higher. From instructional videos to explainer tutorials, there are many options that you can choose from when it comes to video marketing. 2016 will see a rise in video marketing trends where users will prefer watching videos over reading bulky content.

Here are 5 creative ways to host a video on your website that will give you direction:

  1. Make it personal

Your about us section is the first impression of your company. Make it personal. Address your users directly because this can be an excellent way to stand out as a personality. Don‘t completely do away with your content, but make sure the focus is more on how you interact with your users.  

  1. Create Video tutorials

Blogging is a great way to put across information and expertise. If you‘re looking at something different, why not try a vlog? Yes, that‘s a video blog. It‘s a great way to showcase the exact steps that need to be followed for a particular product or service and is way better than just writing guidelines. You can also start creating tutorials by using a free video editor.

  1. Keep your products as the highlight

Ensure that your products are shown in full detail because the more you show your users; the more they will trust your product to make a purchase.

  1. Give Importance to Media Highlights

If your business has received any coverage via media, good job! It would be a great time to put your coverage out there. Find the perfect spot for it on your website, and upload it. Give it a short intro, make it personal, and you‘re good to go.

  1. Make a dedicated videos tab

Always remember, people prefer watching to reading, especially when they‘re on the Internet. Innovo is a web design agency who assesses the attention span of an average user and creates videos accordingly.

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