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The difference between ASTPP Open Source vs. ASTPP Enterprise


ASTPP has been in the VoIP industry for many years. It has been available as an open-source VoIP billing solution from inception. ASTPP fundamentally was an Asterisk to postpaid billing software which was then transformed into a FreeSWITCH billing solution. The FreeSWITCH billing software used to support all types of billing, including, postpaid and prepaid. As time traversed, the community kept on making improvements in this solution. The latest innovation of the community is that this solution is available as a smart telephony platform. Furthermore, it is available as both, open-source smart VoIP solution and an enterprise smart VoIP solution. Then, what makes both of these versions different? Read on to know more about it.

Open Source ASTPP

ASTPP is a smart telephony solution, also renowned as an open-source VoIP software. The users can access code and receive a lifetime free license of ASTPP. The open-source version provides access to advanced VoIP billing software, class 4 and class 5 Softswitch, product module and more. The open-source version of this smart telephony solution also offers access to the open-source add-ons developed by the community and available for free.

The open-source ASTPP solution does not provide access to any paid technical support. Of course, the users can raise their queries and concerns in the community forum and can receive answers from the community leaders and members. However, unlike earlier, the official community does not provide any technical support with paid services to open-source users.

Enterprise ASTPP

ASTPP community has made enterprise versions available which is further offered in two different models. The enterprise ASTPP is one of the most powerful smart VoIP telephony solutions. It gives access to all features and add-ons available for the users of the open-source version. Furthermore, it gives access to a wider range of features and add-ons which are exclusively made available for customers that use the enterprise version of this smart VoIP software.  There are many add-ons which provide the features of a whole system that can be used to run a separate business. For example, a multi-tenant IP PBX software system is one of the add-ons available for ASTPP enterprise version users.

The enterprise version of this smart telephony software also provides access to the paid support services. The “Managed Services” model offers completely free support services for the tenure of 12 months. The customers can use installation, Upgradation, and other services as part of this model. Another enterprise model, namely, Self Hosting does not provide access to free support services. However, it offers access to paid support services. It means the users of Self Hosting ASTPP solution can request for paid technical support as and when needed. In a nutshell, the enterprise version users of this smart VoIP system can take benefit of technical support services offered by the experts.


ASTPP is available as smart VoIP software to both, open-source and enterprise version users. The only difference is that the enterprise version users can take benefit of additional features, functional capabilities, and services offered by the developers of ASTPP.

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