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5 Best Ways Intranet Software Helps Organisations Work Easily


An organization depends largely on its employees. They are the building block of the business. To ensure they collaborate well and work on their productivity, an employee intranet comes in handy. Intranet software helps businesses streamline the work of their employees, keep documentation intact, improve communication, and much more.

Here are the 5 best ways an open source intranet software can help your business. Take a look:


1. Better Communication

An intranet software boosts communication across an organization. With it, your teams can arrange open discussions, share knowledge with each other, provide updates to other departments, and much more. The best thing is the communication happens both ways. Anyone can share something they think useful, and everyone else can share their feedback, comments, etc.

This way, an easy intranet software improves communication across the organization by giving a common platform to everyone. It further provides employees with a voice and better company knowledge.

To make your employees more productive, you need to give them clear role expectations, the flexibility to do what they’re good at, better communication concerning the organization’s mission and vision. They should be given learning and growth opportunities often to keep them motivated. When you meet employees’ expectations and needs, they not only get happier but also perform better.

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2. Connectivity Across Different Locations and Time Zones

Intranet acts as a digital hub for any organization online. Everything from communication to sharing news, planning events, etc – can be done on this central hub.

It’s good to see how an open-source intranet software can help multi-location teams work together. All employees and locations have access to whatever is happening across a company, irrespective of their locations.

3. Keeps All Information

An intranet is an abode of information. You will find everything in it – Social Committee updates, latest appointments, news feeds, company announcements, employee lists, and just about everything else! All this data is valuable for helping individuals get their work done and keep up to date with the social side of the company. An intranet provides a straightforward user-interface and dedicated search tool to help employees stay in touch and get the information they want.

4. Easier Employee Onboarding

A feature-rich employee intranet simplifies the process of onboarding. New hiring can utilize the platform to familiarize themselves with the necessary documents, updated organization charts, and bios of their colleagues and peers. apart from an all-in-one news hub that offers information and a view into the company’s culture.

Any new employees will be caught up to speed with a company, and feel like they’re part of a company sooner when there is an intranet solution implemented company-wide.

5. Fosters Organizational Clarity

An intranet software with precise, dynamic organization charts gives clarity to the set-up of the company.

There are many more interesting features of this software like individual profiles and job descriptions, which further enhances clarity. All in all, it enables employees to understand the roles and responsibilities across the business.

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The Bottom Line

So now you know how beneficial an intranet software can be not only for your employees but also for your business as a whole. Thanks to the development of this type of technology, you can find various companies offering custom intranet solutions to meet the emerging needs of an organization. Make sure you are clear about what you need out of the software – employee-driven, open-source, or all-in-one.

Intranet tools have made it easier to manage and streamline your employee’s efforts, enhance communication, boost productivity with the organization, clearly outline ownership and management, and much more. You just need to find the perfect model that will suit the specific needs of your company. An open-source intranet software works the best, offering you easy access and insights into the business. If you’d like to find out more and see an intranet in action, contact our team at Green Orbit (link to the contact page) and book a free demo, no strings attached.

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