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Important Features of Wholesale Software System of Pharmacy


The wholesale pharmacy has main objective to manage the compliances of client’s with the GDP regulations and this is achieved by providing the complete solution to manage wholesale operations of pharmacy. On the basis of best MHRA practice requirements, the wholesale software has been designed. The wholesale software provides robust applications which are utilized by the clients, for demonstrating the audit ability, integrity and their evidential weight of internal controls for the movement of the pharmaceuticals stock.

Important Features of Wholesale Software System of Pharmacy

  • The wholesale software system handles the Pharmacy Stock Control with the expiry dates and batch numbers as well as it facilitates stock tracking.
  • It reduces the paperwork and increases the profit margins using the user-friendly inventory management.
  • The daily sales activities, invoices, payments, deliveries, and inventory can be viewed on the dashboard.
  • The suppliers are provided with the purchase history as well as the price comparison reports.
  • From the inventory to the sales and returns, the items can be tracked for data analysis.
  • The stock movement includes buying history, profit margin, sales history, expiry dates, stock handling or the sales & purchases comparison.
  • A full analysis and the complete history for quotations, sales, credit notes, invoices, payments, picking notes and sales return are available on customer management module.
  • A full analysis and complete history for payments & credit notes, invoices are provided by the supplier management module. It enables to stay on the top of payments and also avoid losing any of the supplier discounts.
  • It also manages the dead stock, purchase returns, sales returns, expired products and the inter branch transfers etc.
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Benefits of Wholesale Software System

  • It can easily generate the sales orders, invoices, picking notes, packing slips, credit notes etc.
  • It also reduces the costs by enabling the better operational planning; optimizing the inventory levels and improves the customer relationships.
  • It minimizes the risk and disruption, improves on the stock level control and gives the complete overview of supply chain network from the manufacturers and suppliers to the storage and distribution.
  • Provides the suppliers visibility of the inventory levels which include forecast, orders, usage, shipments, receipts and forecast.

Therefore, we can say that the wholesale software streamlines the wholesale warehouse operations and it provides support in helping to become MHRA compliant.

Pharmacies always have the necessity to work in a tandem. All the operations in a pharmacy or healthcare company should be carried out with good accuracy and speed. However, this can’t be achieved only with the human input. In order to keep the workflow in an efficeint manner, an advanced technology is need. Hence, pharmacies and healthcare companies can use software that are specially designed for them.

Apart from these today’s pharmacy software are integrated with special technologies like barcode scanner, prescrtiption scanner etc. That is, one just need to scan the prescription in the scanner and the data can be fetched from the scanned report and the necessary products are listed out.

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These types of features make pharmacy software popular among number of pharmacuetical industries today. starting from a small pharmacy retailer to a big pharmacuetical industry, any pharma can avail this software. Another important feature of a pharma software is the report management. Reports can be generated on the go and without any mistakes. These software has the options to generate reports on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and yearly basis. Not only these, a pharma software also have lot of other options that made pharmacy management hassle-free. Having a pharmacy inventory software is very useful for businesses.

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