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Read on to know more about IVR System Could Hamper Call Center Performance


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution is a complete system when used with a traditional or VoIP telephony solution to attend incoming calls. However, it becomes one of the features in solutions like call center software. The IVR feature in call center solution is fundamentally used to benefit agents and customers both. There are indeed many benefits of using an IVR feature available in this dialer solution in the call center, but in some cases, it can hamper the performance of the call center. This article shares more details on how the IVR feature can hamper the call center performance. You will also get to know the solutions to resolve these issues.

How IVR affect call center negatively?

To let you be aware, the basic pro of using an IVR feature of the call center solution is that it allows customers to self serve themselves or route themselves to the right agent. In both cases, the customers are attended faster than before and get catered by the best in the industry customer services. However, the IVR feature works negatively and affects the call centers negatively and hamper its performance. The following section briefs the top 5 reasons IVR hampers call center performance and customer experience:

  1. Long menu

The IVR feature in the call center software is developed to quickly attend the customer and provide him a quick and effective resolution. However, if your IVR menu is too long, it can result in a negative customer experience. The customer needs to hold the phone for a longer time to listen to different options and remember the same. It becomes tedious and difficult to practice.

  1. Unclear IVR menu

The IVR menu should be loud, clear, and short. Sometimes, some IVR menus are too slow which makes it near to impossible for the customer or user to comprehend. Sometimes, the spoken sentences are not pronounced clearly or they are pronounced incorrectly. Sometimes, it may have two options that sound similar. All these and many other scenarios create confusion by playing an unclear and difficult to understand the menu.

  1. Poor response recognition

The IVR menu collects responses from the customer by, either through a dial-tone or through a voice command. Based on the response, the next step gets executed. However, due to poor programming, sometimes, it becomes near to impossible to collect feedback and it results in a bad user experience and reduced call center performance.

  1. Repetition of the same options

Generally, the admin configures the multilevel IVR menu in the call center software solution. It is very important to design this interactive voice response menu very carefully. One of the most commonly made mistakes is that the nested menu repeats the same thing again and again. This not only increases customer hold time as they have to listen to the same menu options repetitively, but it also increases the frustration level in the customers.

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These are the top 4 issues and concerns which increase customer frustration and/or dissatisfaction. The solution is simple. Be careful and cautious while designing and configuring the IVR menu in the call center software.

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