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What Are ‘Google Penalties,’ and Why Do You Need to Avoid Them?


We all know that Google came into the light to make our lives simpler. You just have to put in your query and the results are shown real quick. In the technical world, there are several things that goes behind presenting a user with results matching the query. If you think that your website is losing its track due to Google penalty then consult Houston SEO expert.

Any page matching the query more frequently makes the ranking of the page high. This was well understood by the business people and everyone started to use words or phrases which would make the page appear high in the search result. With each business trying to expand the feet on the grounds of having strong selection with words and phrases the tug of war started strong.

What are the chances of increasing traffic on the site?

If you are not paying attention to the site the chances are quite less. Well, all the owners are willing to bring the right exposure and it can be done by putting maximum keywords which brings positive impact. But even if you are using keywords there is no guarantee that you would make it to the top of the list. However, it was the over-stuffing of keywords which bought negative impact and people started to trick the algorithm of Google.

With all the professionalism Google took steps in correcting the problem with bringing in regular updates. The task of updating is done that no one gets to know the algorithm making it necessary to have high-quality content in order to top the search result list.

If the content doesn’t match the right value there is no chance of it appearing on the first page. Everything from the accurate grammar, good keywords to the length of sentence matters the most to Google. Another thing which you must do is make the website look good, not everyone is going to visit your website if it doesn’t appear interactive. However, now is the part where the trouble begins there are penalties from Google which can make your business go down.

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Know everything about Google penalties: –

The word Google penalty might sound easy to you but Google penalizes for any sort of infringement. It is always required from the owner site to work hand in hand with Google updates making adjustments in your website regularly. With the concern of making your site ranking high, the owners tend to make mistakes with the content. In easy words, you can use search engine round table which can serve with updates related news. This can keep you ahead of other owners in making quick but worthy decisions.

Before you make your work go on the website it is necessary to sit back and go through it to make sure that the content as well as optimization and promotion plan is designed as per Google’s latest algorithm updates. Sometimes the website goes through manual penalization which is easy to resolve if you are alert. With the term manual penalization I mean an employee from Google can mark your website for not following the proper guidelines.

What should be my next step after getting a Google penalty?

There is no need to go in any state of panic after being hit by a Google penalty as there is always a way to resolve this issue. The task can be completed by Google Search console which lets you understand the things where you went wrong. It is necessary to have an account on the same to access the problems. There are some other penalty checkers which you can use to carry out your task. Consult Houston SEO expert and find out what are the ways to counter the Google penalty.

In the case of a manual penalty, Google search console alone can help you resolve the issue. It will change your site accordingly to keep the harms away. To generalize the term penalty there can be some typical problems which need to be addressed each time.

You may get a Google penalty because of the use of free hosts, thin content, and over-stuffing with keywords, plagiarism, virus-host and many such minor issues which can be resolved.

To begin with, it is necessary that you check your content using plagiarism checkers which are available in both the site and application versions. Once you start using it there are high chances of making your content plagiarism-free and highly accurate in grammar. The right keywords can be found using the keyword search options which lets you understand the density of keyword and the chances of it appearing in the search result.

All these minor stuff can help your website grow with zero Google penalties. However, it is worth mentioning that it is not just the penalties which might affect your ranking but content might also be a problem. This brings us to the point where you must look out for every single word that is making its way on the site. Awareness is the key to avoid Google penalties.

To revoke the Google penalty you can also hire a professional Houston SEO expert who can make things less complex for you. These professional SEO service providers know what it takes to get freedom from the penalty and how to bring the website back to its glory.

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