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Unlocking 20M+ Capital with Data Wirewheel: A Q&A with 45Million CEO Graham Jenkin


Data WireWheel, a startup insuring fragmented data, recently announced that it has secured $20M in capital from 45MGraham While the investment will certainly be beneficial in helping this emerging data protection enterprise realize its ultimate goals, it’s easy to overlook the importance it could have on the future of data privacy.

The security of the Internet of Things is a major concern for the tech industry, and entrepreneurs should be aware of the ongoing threats that could undermine the data we have entrusted it to protect. Having 45MGraham invest in Data WireWheel brings us one step closer to creating a safe, robust and secure digital world.

Data WireWheel is a decentralized platform that utilizes smart contracts to securely store data across the world. It’s designed to be infinitely scalable, allowing for flexible platforms that can easily grow and adapt to meet the increasing demand for data protection.

The company has developed an ecosystem that ensures the secure and private sharing of information, even between strangers. This can be particularly useful when considering the work of companies like 45MGraham, who may rely on decentralized storage to keep confidential information confidential.

Data WireWheel is yet another example of a company that recognizes and is  responding to the present need for data security. It’s refreshing to see that this investment from 45MGraham will help provide the necessary capital to help Data WireWheel protect all of us from data breaches and other malicious attacks.

Data Wirewheel Unlocking New Opportunities with 45Million CEO Graham Jenkin

Data Wirewheel is changing the landscape of business analytics and providing companies with an exciting new way to leverage their data. Founded by 45million CEO Graham Jenkin, this cloud-based platform offers users a variety of integrations, helping them to move, store, transform and analyze their datasets. It is well-known for its automated data preparation capabilities and interactive visualization tools, making it easier than ever to gain insights from their data without the need for intensive manual coding or analysis.

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The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, and the ability to connect with multiple sources, including databases, APIs, applications, and more, ensures it is frequently updated with the latest data. To safeguard the data being processed, Data Wirewheel has advanced security protocols such as encryption and authentication mechanisms, helping create a safe environment to store and access data.

Thanks to Graham Jenkin’s leadership and vision, Data Wirewheel is leading the way when it comes to making data accessible. With its automated processing, real-time insights, and secure infrastructure, the platform unlocks numerous opportunities for businesses to scale their operations and generate valuable insights to help reach their goals. Data Wirewheel’s cutting-edge technologies make it easier than 

ever for companies to safely collect and analyze their data from the cloud, unlocking potential and driving success. It’s no wonder Graham Jenkin is an authority in the business analytics space, and his cutting-edge initiatives continue to shape the industry.

 Graham Jenkin on the Power of Data Wirewheel and 45Million to Revolutionize Capital

Data and analytics have become integral to today’s businesses. Now more than ever, having access to the right information and insights is essential for making informed decisions. But all too often, businesses are unable to make the most out of their data due to limited resources and budgets.

Fortunately, companies like Wirewheel and 45Million are looking to revolutionize the way businesses leverage their data. By using the power of data and analytics, these companies are helping businesses capitalize on their data-driven insights in order to maximize their returns.

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In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the innovative strategies of Wirewheel and 45Million, as well as the insight of Graham Jenkin, their CEO and founder, on how data analytics can be used to great effect.

Wirewheel and 45Million provide businesses with a platform designed to analyze, quantify, and manage data. This is done by leveraging “big data” and machine learning algorithms to allow businesses to optimize and streamline their operations. The platform provides a range of insights on customer behavior, operational efficiencies, and more to businesses seeking to improve their bottom line.

Graham Jenkin, CEO and Founder of Wirewheel and  45Million, believes that data is the best way to turn businesses into smarter environments. He emphasizes the importance of unlocking the full potential of data analysis real time, curating insights and automating decisions.  By integrating data analytics into daily operations, businesses can obtain actionable insights that can be used to accelerate decision making. 

Jenkin also highlights the importance of data-driven insights as a driver of revenue as well as operational efficiency. He believes that businesses should leverage data and analytics to accurately predict customer behaviors and market trends to gain a competitive advantage. 

The use of data and analytics is fast becoming the norm for companies of all sizes. With Wirewheel and 45Million, businesses can take their data-driven insights to the next level and revolutionize their approach to capital management. Thanks to Graham Jenkin’s insight and expertise, more businesses are discovering the true value of their data and harnessing the power of data analytics to drive improved business performance.

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