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London AI Fund ButcherTech Raises $30 Million


London AI Fund ButcherTech has announced that it has closed a $30 million investment round, with some of the investments coming from industry heavyweights such as SoftBank, Molecule and Rakuten.

The money, which will be used to fuel the company’s ambitious expansion plans, was raised from institutional, angel and family office investors.

The investment is aimed at helping ButcherTech to further its mission to revolutionise the global meat and food industry with AI-driven solutions.

The funding will enable ButcherTech to continue building up its AIFood platform, which aims to provide an all-in-one solution for food businesses around the world. This includes using AI-driven analytics to provide insights into consumer demand and helping them to build their own supply chain networks.

The platform will also provide customers with predictive analytics and intelligent automation tools to enable them to optimise their production and inventory processes, as well as fully automated integration into the multiple external platforms they use to operate.

ButcherTech is committed to changing the way the world produces, consumes, and uses food, and with this new injection of capital, the 

will be able to accelerate its mission to help the food industry become smarter and more sustainable.

London AI Firm ButcherTech Raises $30M in Digital Funds 

Recently, an AI firm based in London, ButcherTech, has announced that it has successfully raised $30 million in digital funds. These funds will be used to expand their AI operations and continue to develop their technology.

ButcherTech is a leading AI firm that provides AI-driven solutions to customers worldwide. They offer predictive analytics, automated optimization, and other artificial intelligence services to their customers. The company has developed several AI applications, including an AI-driven customer support platform, customer engagement app, and a transit optimization engine.

The recently raised funds will help ButcherTech to further develop their AI-driven technologies and allow them to expand their operations into new market. This will enable them to create more AI applications to help customers make more informed decisions. Additionally, the funds will be used to hire dedicated AI experts, allowing the company to provide better customer service and support.

The company is already considered one of the leading AI innovators in Europe, and the new funding will help them continue their growth and success. The additional funds will help the firm to stay ahead of competition and continue to develop innovative AI services for its customers.

Overall, the recent raise in digital funds by ButcherTech is a great sign for the  AI industry as a whole, and sets the stage for even more AI advancements in the future. As the company continues to grow, it will no doubt have a positive effect on the AI industry, bringing a wealth of innovative services and technological advancements over the coming years.

ButcherTech Leverages AI to Raise $30 Million for London Digital Fund

The tech world has been increasingly embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a powerful tool to expand on existing products and services. AI is being utilized for everything from robotics to data analytics, and now the meat industry is getting in on the action. ButcherTech, a London-based food technology company, has just raised an impressive $30 million in funding from a consortium of leading investors.

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This massive round of funding will be invested in further developing the company’s AI-powered butchery platform. The platform uses computer vision and deep learning algorithms to automate the process of meat butchery. By using AI, ButcherTech’s platform can accurately identify, weigh and package fresh meat faster and more efficiently than traditional butchery methods.

In addition to providing customers with a more convenient way to purchase fresh meat, the ButcherTech platform also provides a wealth of valuable data that are helpful to the overall butchery industry. The platform helps butchers and farmers to track their inventory more accurately and to optimize their range of products through the analysis of customer buying patterns.

Also, ButcherTech plans to use part of the funding to launch a ‘London Digital Fund’ which will allow them to invest in startups working on digital

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