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Top Tech Movies App for 2021


Is binge-watching your favorite pastime? If so, most people love doing it. You get countless movie streaming apps on the internet, which just need a single click to access. However, the only issue is that some of such services are paid ones. Moreover, some of us cannot afford the expense of subscriptions as well. Here, the good news for you is that there is no need to pay for movie streaming apps anymore.

Numerous video streaming applications are accessible on the internet where you can watch free movies or TV series; however, they are mainly unauthorized, and you cannot even get them on the official app stores, namely Android and iOS. Besides, these unauthorized and illicit applications can have malware and viruses which can further corrupt your gadget and even can access your private data. 

After comprehensive research, a list of outstanding free movie apps has been prepared; on these applications, you can watch movies as well as web series freely without any restrictions. The advantage of these free streaming apps is that they are entirely legal, and there is no piracy. Although separate subscription plans may be needed for some apps, if you find them exhilarating and reasonable, you may opt for their subscription plans. 

Without wasting another minute, have a look at the best-unrestricted streaming apps list and choose any legal app to watch the popular movies.

1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle, a free streaming service available on web browsers, and is an Android and iOS devices’ compatible app. Sony owns Crackle and offers comparatively more exceptional English movies and series when compared to other inexpensive streaming apps. Here, you also get a tremendous variety of hit films and television shows.

You do not have to sign up for an account or take a monthly or yearly subscription service to watch the amazing content. Even in the free membership, start watching the programs from where you have left.  It is convenient to browse this application. Every week, new content gets updated. Apart from that, you get the leverage to watch several original series that are not available anywhere else.

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2. Tubi TV 

Tubi TV, certainly, has proved to be one of the best free streaming applications because of its massive catalog of movies that is further sorted into their respective genres, such as fantasy, humor, horror, suspense, etc. There is always an up-to-date list of movies, and it happens because of the alliance with some of the famous Hollywood Studios. Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, and many more come under such top studios.

Besides that, when you look for some application where you want to enjoy watching high-quality movies, Tubi TV plays videos smoothly just like melting butter. The good thing is that all the movies have subtitles; therefore, it is a simple app where you can understand other languages too. Another amazing thing about Tubi TV is that there is no hidden price for subscriptions. You only need to enroll for a free profile.  Go ahead to watch movies for free!


3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another decent free streaming app that contains a vast compilation of amazing films. It is accessible all around the world rather than restricted to certain countries. It includes a broad range of titles for streaming in different video qualities for free. The nicest aspect of the app is that it streams effortlessly even on slow internet speed. 

You will like to use this robust application since its streaming is smooth. Besides the free films, there is exclusive content from Popcornflix, named Popcornflix Originals. It also permits you to stream TV shows for free. Although the video player is slightly annoying, it carries various features that play videos without any disruptions. 


4. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is an unrestricted application that allows you to watch more than five thousand films, TV series, and documentaries. The app contains most of the self-generated content. Moreover, it has an enormous compilation of former public domain videos.

SnagFilms is a beneficial app when you are looking for some intriguing documentaries and indie movies. You get original content on this app, which is not present on any other streaming websites. Lovers of obscure titles and former films will surely appreciate this free streaming app. It is exclusively free to use and enables users with a streamlined interface. It innates the feature of easily browsing multiple categories and hard-to-find independent films, as well as documentaries, are present on this application.

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5. Pluto TV


Pluto TV is an independent movie streaming application with rich features and extends with a long list of amazing content, which comprises videos for free. It is acquired by Viacom Inc., and its unique content is not accessible on any other applications. To get permission for this app, you simply require registration for a free account. Besides, you do not have to enter any credit card details to watch the compelling content.  

The only thing you need to bear about PlutoTV is that you have to watch some advertisements in exchange to watch free content. It is like a small fee to pay to enjoy watching movies and TV shows for free. It possesses a user-friendly interface. When you look for a vast collection of movies to stream online, Pluto TV is something that you expect.



When finding some websites for animated movies or series, your search ends here. Viewster predominantly provides free anime movies and television shows. The application has a burgeoning catalog of anime titles that incorporate former series and newly released series. It is also an enormous platform for gamers and sci-fi lovers because of its gaming and geekdom videos. Furthermore, the app contains a small indie films list which is further classified as horror, sci-fi, romantic, and thriller genres.

Anime fans can easily find some of the special series at Viewster. It is free to utilize and that too without any registration. When you do not want to miss out on recent releases, the app has a newsfeed that illustrates the trending titles.

When talking about free streaming applications, you need to read the terms and conditions along with privacy agreements of the free streaming apps. Copyright is also a vital aspect when it comes to such streaming apps. All the aforementioned apps are legal and provide free movies at no extra expense.

There are fewer chances that all the mentioned apps might not be available in some specific countries. You might need to opt for a VPN connection before logging in. It is always useful when it comes to using modded APKs. Now, you do not need to spend more time searching for free streaming apps since you have got an adequate list of the same. Enjoy your free time while binge-watching! And if you’re someone looking to build your own movie streaming apps, do hire dedicated developers from India and get your dream website or app built with ease. 

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