Modern technology gives us many things.

Pros and Cons of Technology


Technology is the sum of all of the knowledge that we have to accomplish tasks or solve problems.  In a general way, technology offers us a way to simplify our lives so ideally, it should add value to it in some way.  

1. History of Technology

The telephone was invented in 1876, but it wasn’t until a century later that landlines were a part of an average household. Running water made the scene at 1890s but it took about 70 years for the US adoption to reach 100%. It was followed by electric power and the stove about a decade later. The refrigerator saw the light of day in 1920s, with the automobile a bit before that.

The computer came during the late 80s whereas 1990s were about the internet and the world wide web universe. Less than a decade later, everyone started having a cell phone but after social media entered the scene in 2000s and created a whole new world.

Although some inventions like a video tape recorder didn’t stick around, others like cell phones became even smarter and made it impossible to imagine our lives without them.

2. Pros and Cons of Technology

Almost every task we do in our lives each day is an example of technology at work in some way. Unfortunately, it can also be used for malicious purposes. To assess its pros and cons, we review its potential benefits with the potential for harm.

  • It made life easier

You can locate where the next gas station is if your vehicle is running low on fuel. You can even see the traffic situation ahead so you can choose a better route.

  • It improved the quality of life

Technology has provided us with numerous tools that facilitate common processes. For example, a modern classroom uses such tools to facilitate the learning process while also making it more fun. When learning can be turned into a video game or an interactive presentation, then we retain more of the information provided to us in that moment. When a teacher speaks, retainment level is usually in the range between 5% to 10% whereas interactive options increase the percentage to almost 90%.

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  • It lowered the costs of living

The introduction of smart products such as the smart thermostat have not only made it easier to keep track of your energy usage, it also made it easier to manage your AC and thermostat which helps to lower your heating and cooling costs, helping to reduce your Gas South monthly expenses. One of the main perks of technology is that it is always developed with the idea of achieving better cost efficiency.

  • It gave us access to more information

The Internet might be the most significant social village that humanity has created in history. New perspectives, ideas and cultures are available from the comfort of your own home. 

  • It allowed us to communicate more efficiently

Companies and families can communicate with one another all over the world ‘face to face’. Technology has made distance merely geography.

  • It helped us focus on our abilities

We have more technological options than ever before to help people reach their full potential. From artificial limbs to implants that can send new audio pulses to the brain to let people hear, technology has allowed us to reverse disabilities and help us restore or even enhance who we are. 

  • It helped us save time

Time is money or perhaps it is even more valuable as you can’t buy it or earn it. But technology has helped us save this precious and limited resource as it allows us to automate processes. It eliminated repetition and time-consuming activities, so we can devote our time to more valuable activities. 

On the other hand, all of these benefits made us dependent on technology. There’s no more need to think or recall information because everything is just a click away. A mind is a muscle that needs to be trained so every time you take the calculator as opposed to using your brain – you are letting it ‘go to waste’. Technology has also started replacing humans with many jobs being lost because of it which is why many critics feel that humankind is making itself obsolete.

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Although technology should serve us, some people used it to harm others. Without technology, no atomic bomb would ever be created. By using technology, we are also giving away our personal information and hackers across the globe took advantage of that. Although laws are being put in place to protect us, it is creepy knowing that someone can have this kind of power over you. Copyright laws are also challenged as it became much easier to copy and plagiarize content.

Although it helped us be more connected than ever, it created a social disconnect as people started living more on social media than enjoying their real life. Digital only relationships brought a significant deal of isolation, loneliness and disconnect. It also made it harder for us to disconnect from the noise as we fear we’ll miss out and don’t unplug. From countless emails, texts, calls and Zoom video calls, we ended up feeling drained without even moving throughout the day. Last but not least, technology can also be addictive in the same way like substance abuse. Video games and streaming give us a rush which often comes at a detriment of our personal relationships, especially the one which we have with ourselves.

The cons of technology can be summarized by an artificial way of living that does not benefit our health nor our mind.


We are in the middle of another global revolution – the digital kind. Technology enables us to embrace our inner innovator and make the impossible possible. Technology on its own is not good or evil. It is the choices that we make with these tools that can add value or cause harm so don’t blame the tool for someone’s actions. It’s up to you.

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