Top Mobile Brands That Dominated This Year


In recent years, smartphone brands have made significant improvement with regards to the design and performance of their offerings. Moreover, owing to a cost-effective pricing strategy chalked out by these companies, 4GB RAM mobile phones packed with additional features are now easily affordable.

According to Q3 2020 reports, the Indian smartphone market reached the 53 million mark in terms of number of units sold. All leading smartphone companies have experienced significant growth in sales when compared with previous year statistics. 

Top 6 brands dominating the smartphone market 

These are some brands that have made significant contributions to the overall growth of the Indian smartphone market –

  • Samsung

According to Q3 2020 reports, Samsung reclaimed the top position in the Indian Smartphone market with 24% shipment share. Besides being one of the leaders in the premium segment, it has now established a strong foothold in the budget segment as well. Here are the top 2 premium and budget-friendly Samsung models of 2020 –

    • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G: Price- Approximately Rs.1,05,000
  • Samsung Galaxy M51: Price- Approximately Rs.23,000.
  • Apple

This American tech giant had its highest ever market share with 3.54% in June 2020. Besides launching the iPhone 12, Apple also revamped the iPhone SE, which is a more economical option compared to the other models. Given below are the top 2 Apple iPhones of 2020 –

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max: Price- Approximately Rs.1,60,000
  • Apple iPhone SE: Price- Approximately Rs.36,000

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  • OnePlus 

OnePlus is one of the leading premium brands in the Indian market. In 2019, it captured one-third of the country’s premium smartphone segment. Apart from selling its flagship device, it now offers more budget-friendly options. Here are two of the most preferred OnePlus devices of 2020 –

  • OnePlus 8 Pro: Price- Approximately Rs.55,000
  • OnePlus Nord: Price- Approximately Rs.28,000
  • Xiaomi 

In recent years, Xiaomi has been ruling the budget segment of the Indian smartphone market. It garnered more popularity after launching its 4GB RAM mobile Redmi Note 9. According to Q3 2020 reports, this Chinese smartphone brand holds 13% shipment share in India. Two of the best premium and budget-friendly models of Xiaomi in 2020 are as follows – 

  • Mi 10T Pro: Price- Approximately Rs.40,000
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max: Price- Approximately Rs.20,000
  • Huawei 

In September 2019, the Chinese tech giant, Huawei, had the highest market share, with 2.83% in the Indian market. It has recently launched its in-house operating system- the Harmony OS, which is gradually garnering popularity among smartphone users. The top 2 premium and budget handsets from Huawei are as follows – 

  • Huawei P40 Pro Plus: Price- Approximately Rs.95,000
  • Huawei Y9s: Price- Approximately Rs.18,000
  • Realme 

In 2020, this brand launched arguably the best mobile under 15000, Realme Narzo 20, which has marked its presence in this highly competitive market. According to recent reports, Realme experienced a 20% growth rate in sales during the festive season and sold approximately 8.3 million units. Some of its premium and pocket-friendly options are as follows – 

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  • Realme X50 Pro: Price- Approximately Rs.42,000
  • Realme Narzo 20: Price- Approximately Rs.11,500

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