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33 of the Best Work From Home Gifts to Upgrade Your Home Office in 2023


Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, working from home has become the preferred option for many individuals. While having the flexibility to work from home can be a lifesaver, making a home office a suitable and efficient work space can be a bit more challenging. That’s why Fashion Newz Room compiled a list of 33 gifts to help upgrade anyone’s home office to make it an efficient and productive environment. With these gifts, working from home will be a breeze.

  1. Ergonomic Office Chair

One of the most important features any home office needs is an ergonomic office chair. Sitting in a standard chair all day can put a lot of strain on the spine and neck. An ergonomic office chair will ensure comfort and support while working and give you one less worry during your work day.

  1. Standing Desk

A standing desk is also a great idea for a home office, as it can be adjusted to address any physical ailments and provide substantial relief when standing or sitting for long hours. Coupled with an ergonomic office chair, you will experience maximum comfort and flexibility throughout your work day.

  1. WiFi Enhancements

WiFi enhancements, such as extenders and antennas, are the perfect gift for anyone looking to optimized their home office, especially if they frequently work from home in an area where the signal strength is a bit weak. With these enhancements, they will be able to enjoy a flawless connection and utilize full bandwidth.

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling headphones will help anyone looking to create a more productive and distraction-free environment at home. Not only are these headphones extremely comfortable to wear, they will also minimize any noise disturbance and help you stay focused.

  1. Multipurpose Printer

If you’ve got a large collection of documents that need to be printed, then a multipurpose printer can help make things faster and more efficient. A good printer will be able to print, scan, and fax any document you need, which is an excellent gift for anyone looking to upgrade their home office.

  1. Tablet and Laptop Stand

A laptop and tablet stand are practical and convenient for anyone looking to make their home office more organized. This stand will allow them to easily place their devices on it and create a more ergonomic workspace.

  1. Lighting

Good lighting is essential for any home office. With the right lights, you can create a proper workspace to ensure maximum productivity throughout the day. There are a variety of lights available, so you can find the perfect gift that meets any budget.

  1. Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is a must-have for any home office. With this gift, they can stay alert and energized during the day without overspending on coffee.

  1. Gift Card

If you’re not sure what to get someone to help upgrade their home office, then you can always get them a gift card. This can give them the flexibility to get what they need for their home office, so they can create the perfect work space that suits their needs.

  1. Telephone

A quality telephone is great for anyone looking to make memorable business calls. With a good telephone, they can stay connected with their business colleagues and make sure that nothing slips by their attention.

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  1. Stationery Set

A stationery set is invaluable for anyone who works from home. A good set of pens, pencils, markers, and other materials will help make their work day more efficient and provide the tools necessary for success.

  1. Monitor Arm

A monitor arm is an excellent gift that allows anyone to adjust their monitor to the best possible angle while they work. It will not only make their home office more ergonomic, it will also help reduce computer fatigue and neck strain.

  1. Dashboard Magnets

Dashboard magnets are a must-have if they like to keep their workspace organised. It will help keep all their work necessities safely in one place and make the workspace much more efficient and organized.

  1. Art and Wall Hangings

Adding art and wall hangings can help create a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere. With this gift, they can add a little touch of personality to their home office and make it more enjoyable to work in.

  1. Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is a great accessory that can help anyone work faster and more comfortably. Not only will a mouse pad provide a slip-resistant surface, it will also make mouse navigation smoother.

  1. Desktop Organizer

Desktop organisers are a great way to keep all the essentials at hand. With a desktop organiser, they can easily store supplies, paperwork, and even their computer in one place and make their workspace more efficient.

  1. Laptop Stand

A good laptop stand is essential for anyone who works with a laptop and needs a stable, ergonomic space to work. With a dedicated stand, they can enjoy comfortable laptop use without worrying about their laptop sliding off the desk.

Working with a laptop and other devices can create a lot of heat, so getting a laptop cooler is a good idea. A laptop cooler will help keep their devices cool and running smoothly.

  1. Lamp

A good lamp will provide additional light in their home office and help them see better during their work day. Not only that, but it can also give the workspace a chic and stylish look.

  1. Clocks

A wall clock is a fantastic way to make sure they’re on time for any meetings and appointments. With a clock, they don’t need to worry about being late or losing track of time.

  1. Desk Tray

A desk tray is perfect for anyone who needs extra storage for their office supplies. It will help them keep all their essentials together and reduce clutter in their workspace.

  1. Bookshelves

Investing in bookshelves is a great idea for anyone who wants to organise their home office more efficiently. With enough storage, they can easily keep their books, equipment, and supplies all centralised in one area.

  1. Cable Management

Cable management is a necessity for any home office. A good cable organiser will help limit the amount of cordage in the room and make their workspace look neat and organised.

  1. Drafting Table

A drafting table is a great gift for someone who does a lot of drawing and drafting. With this gift, they will be able to utilise a sturdy, adjustable workspace for all their tasks.

  1. Air Purifier

An air purifier will help keep their home office more sanitised and purify the air from any particles that could negatively affect their health while they work.

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  1. Whiteboard

A whiteboard is a convenient tool that can help anyone keep track of their tasks. They can write down notes, tasks, and ideas and erase them whenever they need to.

  1. Side Table

A side table can be great for the home office if they need additional storage and workspace. With a side table, they can easily store documents, equipment, and keep their space organized.

  1. Wireless Charging Devices

Wireless charging devices make excellent gifts, as they eliminate the need for cords and give freedom of placement to the user. With this, they can keep their devices charged without having to worry about any cords getting in the way.

  1. Noise Machine

A noise machine can help anyone focus better and block out any outside noise that could be a distraction. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to listen to soothing sounds while they work.

  1. Lamp Shade

Buying a lamp shade for their home office will help them save energy and give them a nice atmosphere during the day. By choosing a quality lamp shade, they can enjoy a soft, warm glow when they need to rest or take a break from work.

  1. Magazine Holder

A magazine holder is perfect for anyone who needs to keep their desk clear of clutter. With this holder, they can easily store and organize their magazines, documents, and other materials without taking up too much desk space.

  1. Workstation

A workstation is a great gift for anyone who needs to have their equipment and office supplies at their fingertips. With a workstation, they can easily access their documents, equipment, and other supplies and work more efficiently.

  1. Corkboard

A corkboard is another essential accessory for any home office. With this board, they can easily keep their documents organized and easily accessible.

  1. Letter Tray

A letter tray is a useful gift for anyone who needs to organize their papers and keep track of important documents. With this tray, they can easily find what they need and keep their work organized.


Upgrading their home office is an invaluable gift for anyone who is a work from home enthusiast. With these 35 gifts, you can help upgrade their work space and make it a more efficient, productive environment. Enjoy your shopping and give them the ultimate at-home office upgrade.


Q: What is the best gift for a home office?

A: The best gift for a home office would depend on the individual’s needs. Some of the best gifts include ergonomic office chairs, standing desks, WiFi enhancements, noise-cancelling headphones, and multipurpose printers.

Q: What should I get for someone who works from home?

A: Depending on the individual’s needs, some great gifts could be an ergonomic office chair, standing desk, noise-cancelling headphones, multipurpose printer, tablet and laptop stand, lighting, coffee machine, and telephone.

Q: What are some unique gifts for a home office?

A: Some unique gifts for a home office could include a mouse pad, desktop organizer, laptop cooler, art and wall hangings, dashboard magnets, stationery set, monitor arm, and lamp.


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