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The Out and Proud Story of Actor Kevin Alejandro


The out and proud story of actor Kevin Alejandro should be celebrated far and wide. As an openly gay man, he has become a shining beacon of hope and representation for the LGBTQ+ community both in Hollywood and beyond. Not only has he broken through the industry’s “glass ceiling”, but he has done so with a remarkable grace and dignity that speaks volumes about his character.

Alejandro made his onscreen debut on CBS’s hit crime procedural drama, “CSI: Miami”, before jumping to the world of comedies like “Ugly Betty” and “Glee”. But, it was with his 2010 feature in the supernatural horror show, “True Blood” and his 2016 character as a Latina detective in the Golden Globe winning series “Lucifer” that cemented him in the public’s eye.

Just as inspiring has been Alejandro’s openness about his own sexuality. From interviews to social media posts, he has actively spoken out about his journey. Alejandro believes that “telling stories that are really relevant to the LGBTQIA+ community is of utmost importance”, and in doing so, he is providing a voice and safe space that others can look to as a source

The Inspiring Queer Tale of Kevin Alejandro

The inspiring queer tale of Kevin Alejandro is a remarkable story that everyone should know. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Kevin Alejandro has become a prominent actor, director, writer and musician. Despite the struggles, Alejandro has experienced throughout his journey of chasing his dreams and coming out as queer, he has still managed to make a name for himself. 

As a child, Alejandro found solace in the arts. He majored in theatre at the Catholic High School in Los Angeles, and later attended Santa Monica College and Long Beach State. After receiving his Bachelor’s in Arts, he set his eyes on becoming a professional actor, who could inspire and make change in this world.

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Alejandro’s first onscreen role was in 2004, when he acted in the film The Rookie. Since then he has been part of dozens of films and television shows, including Southland, True Blood, and Lucifer. His Netflix movie The Main Event, alongside Seth Carr, is set to debut this April.

Furthermore, Alejandro also works behind the camera as a director and writer. He got to direct an episode of Lucifer and is planning on directing more episodes of the upcoming third season. And last year, he released his  film ‘O’Beautiful’, which earned him the Best LGBT Short Film Award at the Garden State Film Festival. 

However, the most inspiring aspect of Alejandro’s journey is his openness about his gender identity. After getting married to Leslie de Jesus in 2008 and welcoming two boys with her, Alejandro came out as queer in 2017. And since then he has been vocal about his journey and struggles. His journey of coming out brought him even closer to his fans, and he is now a role model for LGBTQ+ people across the world.

In ending, Kevin Alejandro’s inspiring queer tale teaches us all that it’s possible to overcome any obstacle if we stay true to ourselves. And if we keep dreaming, even when we face hardship, we can make our dreams come true. 

LGBT Activist and Actor Kevin Alejandro – A True Inspiration

Kevin Alejandro is an inspiring and influential LGBT Activist and Actor, widely known for his roles on shows like True Blood, Lucifer, and Southland. His activism has made him a role model and an icon for the LGBT community. His success in the entertainment industry has been an inspiration to many who have an unconventional path to success.

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Alejandro’s journey as an actor and activist began in Hollywood, where he got his break as a series regular on the Fox’s Southland. He is perhaps best known for his role as Jesus Velasquez in the HBO supernatural drama series True Blood.

Alejandro has also been an advocate for the LGBT community. He often takes to social media to spread messages of LGBT inclusion, acceptance, and diversity. He has also lent his support to various LGBT-friendly organizations such as The Trevor Project and GLAAD. Throughout his career, Alejandro has advocated for equality and inclusivity, helping to shine a light on the injustices that LGBT people face.

Furthermore, Alejandro is no stranger to activism. In 2017, he joined forces with They Movement to create a platform to uplift the transgender population, supporting those in the military who had been harshly affected by the Trump Administration’s policy

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