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Top 3 Must Know Things about ASTPP 4.0 – smart VoIP solution


ASTPP doesn’t need any formal introduction. It is a renowned open source VoIP solution. It has been in the industry for more than 16 years. It is popularly known as one of the top 3 VoIP billing software. It has gone through multiple changes in the past few years and transformed into the smart VoIP solution. With the launch of the ASTPP 4, which made this solution a smart VoIP and telephony solution, many new facts came into the light. There are many articles written on the ASTPP 4 and ASTPP enterprise version. Still, there are some facts are not discussed yet. This article shares the top 3 facts that you must know about ASTPP 4.

  1. ASTPP doesn’t offer paid support services to open source users

Earlier, the ASTPP community used to provide installation and other support services to the open source version users. Any open source ASTPP user can opt for the paid support services from the official team of this open source VoIP software developer. These services are now stopped by the main community. Of course, they will answer the queries of the open source version users in the online portals such as Google groups, GitHubs, etc., but, the paid support will not be made available for open source users, now onwards.

  1. ASTPP premium solution is different than the open source version

Along with the launch of the ASTPP 4, the enterprise version of this smart telephony software is also launched. The enterprise version users have more features and add-ons available to its users. Not only this, the whole coding standards used in both of these systems are different than each other. Thus, both of them are actually two different solutions.

Along with the difference in the coding and access to add-ons, the ASTPP enterprise version users are also eligible for paid support services offered by the expert developers at ASTPP. In fact, ASTPP enterprise version users will get support services for one whole year for free. It means all concerns of the ASTPP users will be resolved for free for one whole year. Then, they can buy the support packages, in case, support services are needed.

  1. ASTPP comes with a lifetime license

This smart telephony software is available as both, open source and enterprise versions. In both cases, the users get a license for lifetime use. In the case of open source version of ASTPP, the users will get access to code, software, license, and upgrades for lifetime. On the other hand, the enterprise version users will get access to the software for the lifetime and the support services and upgrades will be made available for one year. However, the code will not be provided to the users.

Concluding Notes

The ASTPP is one of the pioneer VoIP solutions. Its smart solution made it one of the strongest players in the VoIP industry. It can help businesses to gain competitive advantages. The three facts shared in this article can be life changing for many businesses. It can also help to make a decision when the user gets confused in making a choice between open source and community version.

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