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Must Have Features in Call Center Solution for Customer Care Centers


Call center solutions come with a wide array of features. Check in this article top must have features in your call center software if you are using it to run a customer care center.

Customer care center is a must have department in the companies these days to make sure the customers are heard and given the required attention for their queries. In some companies where the company can’t have a customer care center for one reason or another, they outsource the customer care projects to the professional customer care service provider call centers. If you are thinking to set up a customer care center department or business, the must have tool is a feature rich call center solution.

There are many call center solutions in the market and each of them claims to become the best call center software in the industry. However, the thing to be kept in mind is that each customer care center may have a different set of requirements to run their operations and based on their requirements, they need the features in the call center solution. All call center solutions might not have all the features and that is why it is very important that when you choose a call center solution, make sure you get the one with all must have features in it. Let me share the top features which a call center solution for customer care center must have:

Call Routing Rules

The customer care center usually handles more incoming calls than the outgoing calls. Thus, the call center software for customer care center must have different types of call routing rules. Based on the campaign, the call routing rule can be applied to get maximum customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Some of the most effective call routing rules for the call center solution are listed below:

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  • Advanced call routing
  • Round robin
  • Least call wrap up time call routing
  • Longest idle agent call routing
  • Sticky agent
  • Skill based call routing

It is always good to have all or majority of call routing rules to run current and future customer care campaigns more effectively.

Integrated CRM system

In the customer care centers, it is very important to give a personalized experience to the customers. This can be done if the customer care centers use the information related to the customer during the live call. Generally, the information related to the customer, called lead data, gets stored in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. This lead record can be fetched during the live call and can be used to deliver the best customer experience. The call center solution can have inbuilt CRM solution or one can also get Call Center CRM integration to integrate the existing CRM solution with the call center solution. Once these systems are integrated, during the live call the CRM record will be popup in the call center solution which will show the customer record fetched from the CRM system. This help agent / executive to provide personalized responses.


The call center solution can be one of the defining factors in the success of the customer care center and that’s why make sure you choose the one which is the best call center solution with must have features.

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