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Unable to manage your salon online bookings & Appointments? Try salon software


Having a Salon business is a big thing. At the same time, growing it is equally important!

Many obstacles hinder the way to make millions as a Salon owner. The daily activities, like, booking conflicts, double bookings, no-shows, lost appointments seem a nightmare to many!

Regular problems with scheduling appointments affect your relationship with the clients. 

So, what could be the solution? How to manage online bookings and appointments?  How to make customers satisfied? 

All you need is Salon software!  It is a tool that manages bookings and configures online requests from customers on a large scale.

Use All-in-one Salon Online Booking Software

Because your Salon business is growing, calendar management and scheduling appointments turn out to be difficult tasks. So, to keep a tab on your Salon development, integrate a Salon Management Software. Below are the key features that the Salon software must have:

Allows customers to schedule an appointment online

The first and foremost thing about salon booking software is that it does not let your potential clients call and book their appointment. All they have to do is to access the calendar from the Salon website. Easily, they can make their bookings from Salon software after checking the staff availability and the time they find convenient. However, the customers want to book multiple services, then, they can add up easily in a single appointment only.

Salon Software configures easily with Calendar

Online bookings are directly synchronized with the calendar and show the staff available to the clients. Of course, this does not let any error or double booking occur while booking an appointment. The stylists at Salon can make schedules every week. This feature allows your Salon staff more flexibility in managing their schedules, stopping no-shows, and accepting more bookings.

Remain informative with Appointment notifications

When a client books with your salon, you will get notifications by SMS or email. This is up to you to either reject or accept the appointment. Even now, you have full control of your calendar.

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Smart Point of sale 

The Salon software includes a custom-build point of sale. The aim of this feature is to keep track of payments and appointments from one software only. This saves you time, keeps your Salon operations organized, and builds a comfortable experience for your customers and staff members. 

Accessibility is possible from anywhere

The Salon customers can access the salon appointment booking software online. Easily, you can operate the Salon business from desktop, iPad, laptop, etc. with a reliable internet connection.  

Top Salon Software for your Salon Business

Choosing the Salon management software that goes well with all your daily Salon needs is a  must. However, it plays a big role in your salon’s success as well.  For a long time, many salon solutions came into the market.  Every software is known for the unique features or functionalities they contain.  But, which one is appropriate for your salon? 

We have researched well and are presenting to you that software that has a higher user rating.  Read on to find out those:


It is a cloud-based Salon Software that supports the Salon owners to operate the daily tasks conveniently. The key functionalities offered by this software are; client record management, appointment scheduling, and staff management. 

The features integrated into Salonist allow the customers to easily book with the customers. However, they can cancel, schedule, or reschedule the appointments. Get the staff information easily using the software and know their schedules, attendance, training, and many more.

Key Features

  • Appointment management
  • Customer management
  • Marketing automation
  • Prepaid & credit
  • Online booking
  • Inventory management
  • Analytics Services
  • Location/Branch Management
  • Customize Mobile App
  • Online store

Square Appointments

If you require software with competitive price, minimalistic design, easy-to-use, fully functional, then Square Appointment is the name for you. The solution has all those functionalities that you require for booking appointments efficiently. 

It is a perfect choice for individual and renter stylists- for individuals it’s free! The Salon software includes the other Square products, such as marketing suite, credit card reader and POS system, etc. In all, it is an ideal tool for large salons as well.

Key Features

  • Dedicated booking website
  • SMS & Email Reminders
  • Booking widget for website integration
  • Easy integration with every tool from Square
  • Easy-to-use, drag and drop calendar
  • Advanced client data (with images)
  • Advanced inventory management (with stock alerts)
  • Android & iOS App 
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Vagaro’s solution applies to salons that require more than just online appointment scheduling. Many recommend this software for Salons that require exceptional features to operate the business. However, if you do not let the difficulty of handling multiple appointments and including a different system hamper your salon business, then, go for Vagaro. Get everything in one place at an economical rate!

Key Features

  • Built-in website builder
  • High-level client data tracking (including SOAP forms)
  • Easy-to-use, Drag and drop, calendar
  • Advanced SMS and email marketing tools
  • Exceptional business reporting
  • Economical, transparent, pricing and free 30-day trial 
  • Smart POS hardware
  • Membership features and Subscription payments
  • Built-in payroll solution

Acuity Scheduling

For flexible booking solutions in your Salon and for integrating appointments with a full suite of third-party solutions, choose Acuity software. It has compelling features that make the job of handling daily tasks easy. This solution is meant for a salon of all sizes and for those who need a unique scheduling experience.  

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use, Drag and drop, calendar
  • Gift cards and packages 
  • Network of functional specialists to support you with high-level setups
  • High-level appointment reporting
  • Blends with all-powerful software for accounting, marketing, and POS using Zapier.
  • Accessible worldwide


The power of Fresha is in the free plan, easy-to-use, and regular development of the solution. It is a perfect choice for the Salon with less budget, for an individual stylist because it gives free accessibility. Additionally, for those who do not have any technical expertise and do not want the steep learning curve to continue, then, Fresha helps you. 

Key Features

  • FREE subscription with unlimited staff!
  • Fresha marketplace where more customers can approach your salon.
  • Easy-to-use software with functional minimalistic design interface.
  • Android and iOS Apps
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Google integrations

Concluding Remarks

Every Salon’s secret is loyal and happy clients. So, keep them as a priority, make a booking and give them quality service.

Overbooking to push the limit can make employees irritated and annoy customers. So, it is vital to use an optimized schedule according to everyone’s convenience. Adding a smart Salon Software is the option to add to your working culture. It is indeed a game-changer to your Salon business. Check out the list we have mentioned in this article. Pick the one that fits in every aspect!

Are you using any of this software? Or, is there any other Salon software you are using?  Share the information with us in the comment section below. Thanks

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