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Must Know about Improved Agent Utilization through Remote Call Center Software


With the increasing trend of remote workers, whether you run a call center or a contact center or telemarketing business or some other company, many argue that the situation should not only be more convenient, but also more productive. You can stay at home while staying efficient and productive.

One way to significantly improve the center’s agent utilization is to use remote call center solution. This technique allows agents to work in off-site locations when needed and reduces staff and costs if needed. Productivity and efficiency are greatly affected positively without making major changes in daily operations.

What is the Remote Call Center Solution?

Call center software is designed mainly for remote use, with all the features used on computers that populate contact center sites. However, the software is designed to be sleek and easy to use, giving home workers everything they need and nothing they don’t need. Remote call centers may consider professional development and integrates training into a daily routine. Some call center solutions also provide remote agent feature within itself, which let them work from their Smartphone or even a simple mobile phone.

Benefits of Remote Agent:

  1. Increase Scheduling Flexibility

Many call centers now operate on a 24/7 schedule, providing assistance whenever the need is most needed by the busy public. Most of their agents are tied up from 9 am to 5 pm every day, so it may not be possible to make phone calls or service requests after the day. The contact center must adjust the time for compensation. With remote agent facility available in the call center software, they can increase talk time and schedule 24/7 help for customers so they can get the support they need at any time.

  1. Happy Workers are Productive Workers

If it doesn’t take long, paying commutes, wearing uncomfortable business attire, and working with managers who sit in the same cubicle all day and breathe throat can reduce employee morale. But if you reverse the scenario and eliminate commute, dress code, and lack of privacy, employees will be much happier. The option of working at home in comfortable clothes at a familiar workstation with a call center solution that improves the morale and happiness of the agent, thereby increasing productivity.

  1. Hire the Best Candidates Not Just the locals

Agents can be located anywhere in the world, so the potential pool of employees will spike if the contact center allows remote workers. If you need to be in the field for training or team meetings, finding someone in your area may be important, but the agent doesn’t have to deal with long commutes every day. This alone gives you the opportunity to boost your confidence and productivity, and to skyrocket the most professional and most suitable agents with the option to choose any agent from anywhere. Many agents working remotely are also familiar with the industry and common practices and may require much less training. Thus call center solution with remote agent facility can work miraculously.

  1. Reduced Overall Operating Costs for the Call Centers

Of course, there are potentially the most obvious benefits, but the cost saved using remote agents is probably the biggest advantage. Not only do agents use their own equipment at home and the cost of hardware requirements is reduced, but fewer team members in the office, the lower the cost of real estate, and the more cost savings a business representative needs to run a contact center. Especially for centers within the city, it makes sense to make sure the center doesn’t waste real estate budgets to accommodate the team size by utilizing remote staff.

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As you can see, there are many reasons why today’s contact centers like to install remote call center infrastructure or the call center solution with remote agent support using remote call center software. So use remote call center software to take advantage of all the benefits of a call center solution.

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