5 Reasons why Swift is highly preferred for iOS app development!



Objective-C was used primarily being used for developing OSX and iOS applications. However, Objective-C started becoming out-dated as it lacked many valuable features present in other modern programming languages. Due to such loopholes, Apple introduced Swift in 2014, as an alternative to Objective-C.

Swift became quickly popular amongst the developers because it is a powerful and feature-rich language. It is modern, fast and characterized by a higher level of security. More and more businesses are implementing Swift code, especially for their iOS app development needs. It is also used for developing apps on the Linux platform.

Why developers prefer Swift for iOS app development?

Whether you are a start-up or a small/medium/large-scale enterprise, you should know that Swift language has all the features needed to develop highly functional and custom iOS apps that provide a soothing user experience and high customer satisfaction. Swift includes the features of both C and Objective-C, but the built-in compatibility and constraints of C are not applicable to Swift. Here, Are the principal benefits that Swift offers to iOS developers.

1.Better readability and simplicity of syntax

Swift has a clean syntax which makes it much easier for the iOS developers to create a simple and intuitive code. It helps the developers to easily read, write and modify the code of an app. The number of lines required in the Swift code is comparatively lesser. So it reduces the time required to write the code and improves cost-efficiency.   

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In the year 2015, Apple announced Swift to be an open-source platform. Since then, Swift app development has been used across various platforms as well as for backend infrastructure. Developers started providing suggestions and feedbacks to Apple for improving this platform which eventually made it more structured.


Like Objective-C, Swift is also based on C. However, Swift has a high speed and is much more efficient than Objective-C. With Swift, software developers and static system users can expect high-speed operations.

4.Easy maintenance

In C, developers need to maintain two code files-(.h) header file and (.m) implementation file, for improving the code’s build time and efficiency. The same is carried forward in Objective-C. However, this is not the case with Swift. Here, all the content in (.h) header file and (.m) implementation file is present in a single file- (.swift). So, there is no need to maintain two different files which makes its maintenance much easier.

5.Safe and secure

Objective-C had many drawbacks and the developers faced difficulties while designing the app. However, language construction and syntax in Swift have been successful in overcoming these drawbacks. When there is a bad code in Swift, a short feedback loop is created. It helps to fix the bugs easily and in time which reduces errors while making the apps stable and secure. Also, the syntax in Swift encourages the developers to write a clean and consistent code. It may feel strict at times, but it saves time and supports safety in the long run.

Final Wrap-up:

Swift offers many advantages over Objective-C. Swift brings a completely new host of features while it already adapts several useful components from Objective-C. It seems that this programming language is going to be the future of secure, high-performing, engaging and custom iOS app development. Probably, this is the reason why even Apple’s competitors are adopting Swift.

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