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PS 5- All Details Revealed


Today we have got tons of details on the PlayStation 5. Now, these are not leaks or humor, this is straight from the horse’s mouth so they did not come out with an official announcement or anything but they did give an interview to Wired from their lead architect Mark Cerny. Now they did not come out and call it the PlayStation 5, they call it their next-gen console but we know what it is going to be called.

Graphics and GPU

It is going to be powered by AMD’s third-gen Rison processor and they are also going to have a custom GPU and it is going to be a variant of the Radeon Navi family so it is going to be one of those GPUs but custom made for the PS 5. This custom GPU is going to support ray tracing and we have been hearing a lot about ray tracing thing too in the RTX card and basically what ray tracing does is it allows the graphics in the game to seem a bit more realistic. We will see light bouncing off things and reflections in a 3d environment. So if there is something that you do not see on screen, you might actually see in the reflection of equipment or maybe water.

Having that kind of power is going to be a game changer and not only we will see improved graphics with way more detail but that AMD chip is also going to have a special unit to allow for 3d audio. Moreover various games are available in market based on this technology and one can grab those using Shopclues Offer Today at discounted prices.


They also talked about how the audio has not changed much since the PS 3 to the PS 4 and that is something Sony wants to completely change with the PS 5. Now with that 3d audio things should sound way more immersive and they are saying this 3d experience is going to work even with TV speakers but the gold standard will be of course with headphones or gaming headset. I am interested in seeing how much of a jump we are going to see with the TV speakers, headphones I have no doubt will sound really good but TV speakers. I am going to keep an eye out of that.

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We are really going to see performance gains from better load times thanks to Sony now going with SSDD instead of a regular hard drive and a lot of us has resorted to changing that PS 4’s hard drive for an SSD and so only actually described that by increasing the speed by a third but with the next-gen and their SSD, we are going to see increases of 19 times faster and that is a huge difference. If someone even did a demonstration showing the difference between PS 4 pro and a PS 5, they had Spider-Man loaded up. They did fast travel and what took 15 seconds on the PS 4 pro, it took them point 8 seconds on the PS 5. That is like instantaneous. That is what really changes the feel of playing in the next generation.

They did not quite say which SSD that they are using but apparently it is custom made SSD that runs a lot faster than anything out on the market for PCs. Not only we are getting way faster speeds, more graphical detail, and better audio but they are of course upping the resolution from 4k up to 8k.

8k is going to be supported on the PS 5 and I know a lot of you are thinking if 8k TVs are out there. There are some that will exist by the time this thing comes out. Samsung already dropped one. You will be able to play games in 8k if the developer develops an 8k which is going to be tough.

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Games and Compatibility

The nice detail is that this thing will still take physical copies so it is not going to be a download only system and since it is running on the PS 4 architecture it is going to have PS 4 backward compatibility which is super huge. They have been stopping that for how long now. So it is finally going to be backward compatibility right out the gate which is going to be awesome. So many plans on releasing games for both PS 4 and PS 5 once they are released. So you know what that means.2

When the PS 5 comes out and you are not a collector, you can sell your PS 4 to kind of fund that PS 5 and still play the games that you had for the PS 4 right on your new system. We still do not have hard details on specs we don’t know yet are pricing, a release date but we can for sure say that it is not going to be 2019. In terms of pricing various games available in similar price and one can buy those using Paytm Mall Cashback with great deals.

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