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How to Make a Great PowerPoint Presentation


Since its early inception in the 1980s, PowerPoint has changed the way presentations are done. This innovates software program has evolved over the decades and has become the most popular software used to create a presentation. Learn how to make a great PowerPoint presentation that won’t put the audience to sleep.

Less is More

It is easy to get carried away with all the bells and whistles that can be added to a PowerPoint presentation, but more is not always better. In most instances, less is more when it comes to keeping an audience engaged. Detailed graphics that are difficult to read or endless statistics are sure to make audience members yawn. Try adding exciting visual elements instead, such as a pie chart and a few statistics clearly shown on a line graph.

Get Graphic

Use stimulating graphics to grab attention. Using original photographs makes a presentation more unique. Add-ins can be used to make it faster and easier to import and export Photoshop images. Professional stock images can also be compelling if chosen carefully. Always be aware of copyright issues when using images that are not your own. Try to stay away from childish clip art, unless the presentation is for young students. Most older people have seen these images before and it minimizes the impact of your PowerPoint presentation.

Limit Animation

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The animation is a wonderful way to get people to pay closer attention to a presentation. But when the graphics and animation take over, it can cloud the message of the presentation. Only use animation to underscore the topic so it does not become distracting.

With some basic tips in mind, anyone from a business manager to a student can create a great PowerPoint presentation. Whether it is for a good grade at school or to land a major client, a powerful PowerPoint presentation can make a big difference.


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