How Technology Has Improved the Quality of Life Among Senior Citizens

Oddly enough, the generations that did not grow up with technology are the ones that can benefit the most from it.


It’s understandable that many seniors can become overwhelmed and frustrated in their attempts to keep up with the ever-changing advancements in technology. Even though repeatedly having to learn how to operate the latest and greatest in the tech world is a pain, technology can st

ill greatly improve our lives and its benefits are only amplified for seniors.

1. Benefits Of Technology for Senior Citizens

While there are numerous ways that technology can benefit the quality of living of seniors, here are its greatest benefits.


Technology made shopping a breeze as you can get anything online. You don’t need to make a trip to the grocery store or ask for assistance as everything is just a click away.

Technology also allows for several other apps, such as quick transportation services, prescription refills, and meal delivery services. 


As we age, safety becomes all the more important. Thanks to technology, no one has to fear being alone in their own home, and no family member has to constantly worry about allowing their loved senior to do so. Personal monitoring devices can do everything from monitoring the wearer’s motion, sleep, location, and care patterns so that an alert can be sent to family members if a change is noticed. Seniors can call for help with the simple press of a button. There are also home security systems that give notifications if doors or windows aren’t locked, or if an intruder is detected in the senior’s home, allowing family members to protect their loved ones.


From numerous game and hobby apps to e-books, magazines and high-quality movie and streaming content, technology help seniors improve their livelihood. Technology provides seniors with the gift of spending their time watching quality content they enjoy.

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This is perhaps the biggest gift that technology has given to the world as it enabled us to communicate easily regardless of our location, making distance just geography. These days, texts, emails, and other documents can also be read out loud by the device instead of having to squint over tiny words manually. Message and video chat apps are numerous, and most are inexpensive, if not free, allowing seniors to be in touch with their friends and loved ones which became especially helpful when COVID-19 started its relentless march across the globe.

 2. Best Tech Gadgets for Senior Citizens

Seniors who have access and an understanding of technology can reap many rewards.


Tablets have opened the doors of technology for all ages. As a senior who did not learn how to use computers in school, the invention of the keyboard-free laptop with easy-to-use icons as apps is a life changer. At the same time, a tablet can be used to do anything a computer can, from creating a document to printing out photos with a wireless printer. Seniors are able to play games that stimulate their mind. Perhaps the best perk is the e-reader as it offers the entire library at the tips of their finger, with products such as Kindle giving the world the ability to read inexpensively.

Smart home

A smart thermostat allows you to change temperatures without having to get up. A smart lighting system allows you to do the same with your lighting as any command is a voice command away or you can connect all your devices to your smart phone and control your home from it. These smart devices can also help you save a significant amount of money on your Scana Energy utility bill as they are built to offer the same, if not improved, performance while using significantly less energy.

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Wearable technology

Wearable tech includes smart watches that can dial and command but also act as a medical alert system which read the wearer’s vital signs, such as their blood oxygen level or sleep activity and are able to detect a fall. It can also remind you to take pills


All in all, technology makes the lives of seniors better. What it provides helps them combat feelings of depression and isolation, which are common to seniors living alone while ensuring a high quality of life and their safety as it makes everything more convenient.


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