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Dragon Professional 16 Vs Dragon Professional 15


Dragon Professional 16 was built specifically for Windows 11 while remaining backward compatible with Windows 10, providing business professionals with cutting-edge speech recognition software that helps reduce documentation bottlenecks while automating workflows to provide time savings in an ever-expanding enterprise.

Simplify tasks at work and in the field, reduce reliance on outsourced transcription services, and speed up workflow with powerful dictation tools for major productivity gains. User customizations sync up across PC, Mac, iOS and Android for greater productivity and efficiency.


Dragon Professional 16 helps you unlock productivity by letting you interact with your computer via voice interaction. By turning spoken thoughts into text and commands into actions, this voice-controlled application transforms spoken ideas into text without distracting you from tasks at hand by typing, spelling or formatting issues. Capture dictation in multiple formats including Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets while easily creating and editing complex numerical entries with formatting or auto-texts applied; accurately transcribe another speaker’s voice into text for keynote speeches or podcast transcripts; automate multi-step workflows or business processes while saving yourself precious time – save yourself the hassle!

Speech recognition solutions designed for knowledge workers across private and public sectors, whether at the office or on the go, empower knowledge workers of all sizes – individuals or organizations of any size – to efficiently produce higher-quality documentation with less effort. Optimized for Windows 11 and Office 2021 but backward compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft software as well as supporting mobile productivity via Nuance Dragon Anywhere App are just some examples of its design features.

Dragon Professional 16 can be purchased as either a VLA (Volume Licence Agreement) or Perpetual licence and downloaded immediately online, making for convenient purchasing. Maintenance & Upgrade Assurance also comes standard and offers unlimited technical support and upgrades during its term, in addition to access to customer portal for prioritised assistance. A microphone is required to use Dragon, though some laptops offer built-in microphones which work just as effectively; alternatively you could pair up Nuance PowerMic for hands-free dictation!

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Dragon Professional software enables users to produce documents, emails, forms and more using voice control alone. Furthermore, the software offers advanced customization and scripting features to meet a range of business needs and can also serve as a powerful aid for those with difficulty typing or using other computer applications.

Nuance’s next-generation speech engine delivers up to 99% accuracy right out of the box with minimal voice profile training, making it easier than ever before to put your best words and commands to work. Furthermore, Dragon offers advanced text corrections to correct for most common typing mistakes while typing and commands to customize software based on personal vocabulary preferences and needs.

To give you an easier hands-free experience, our software features mobile app support for dictation and commands on the go, enabling you to complete tasks anywhere – meetings or home. Furthermore, customizations synced across devices allow you to maintain productivity and efficiency wherever your work may take you.

Dragon Professional v16 for Windows 11 and Office 2021 brings many upgrades and improvements, such as full text control for Microsoft Word, command support for Microsoft Teams, accessibility enhancements, PowerMic 4 compatibility support, improved setup process that makes the software quicker and simpler to start using, support for various hardware configurations, faster startup times and compatibility with various audio sources.


With Dragon Professional 16, you can tailor the software to meet your exact needs and commands, reducing reliance on mouse- and keyboard-driven productivity and leading to increased productivity. Furthermore, this program was created with accessibility in mind and may help individuals living with physical limitations.

Both versions can be purchased as either perpetual licenses or VLA (Volume Licence Agreements), both offer phone and email support and the Nuance website offers videos and tutorials to aid with setup and usage. Dragon Professional comes equipped with its own Vocabulary Editor that gets smarter over time; microphone compatibility increases accuracy as does microphone usage for increased usability – in addition to being capable of creating multiple speech profiles which isn’t an option in Dragon Home.

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Dragon Professional was built to grow with your business, whether that means cloud native deployment or local. Equipped with 256-bit encryption to keep data safe, and HIPAA regulations compliant in healthcare settings. Furthermore, its subscription-based licensing model includes a cloud management center for deployment and management that lets users track employee usage as well as redistribute licenses based on needs – as well as improve documentation productivity through customizable commands, autotexts and vocabulary features.

Optimized for Windows 11, this application comes equipped with advanced features that include creating macros to automate tasks or workflow. It can also be used with digital recorders to memorialize client interactions and maintain chains of custody. Furthermore, the software works well with hardware such as Microsoft Office, mobile phones, and digital audio workstations – among other devices.


Dictate directly into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications for increased productivity.

Dragon Professional v16 continues its 25 years of speech recognition innovation by featuring an updated engine designed specifically for Windows 11 and Office 21. Now featuring greater accuracy for speakers with accents or in noisier environments as well as supporting Microsoft Teams commands to help keep users productive while working alongside colleagues, this software brings Dragon to a whole new generation of speech recognition users.

Dragon Professional v16 now supports up to three monitors and offers MouseGrid support on each, making navigating and dictating more efficient. In addition, this version contains major bug fixes, security enhancements, and general stability improvements to provide an improved overall experience.

This release also allows you to import user profiles and commands from previous versions of Dragon to ensure that any customizations do not get lost when upgrading. Furthermore, you can create custom vocabulary of specialized words and phrases specific to your field that will automatically recognize as such without needing to type them manually.

Dragon software was specifically created to assist knowledge workers and field employees working in document-intensive industries to work faster and smarter while decreasing costs and compliance risks. Utilize this voice recognition software to automate business processes with advanced macros that can be run via voice command.

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