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Opera Launches Polygon to Enable Crypto Transactions Inside Mobile Apps


Opera, the world-renowned web browser, has recently announced the launch of its newest extension Polygon, designed to enable crypto transactions within mobile apps. The technology, based on Ethereum blockchain, makes it easy and safe for developers to integrate digital payments into their mobile applications.

The Opera Polygon platform provides an easy-to-use development toolkit that allows developers to easily create digital payment processing solutions using Ethereum blockchain technology. It works similar to other payment processing solutions like PayPal, but with the added benefit of a secure and immutable blockchain-based ledger. All payments are processed in just a few steps and with no need for customers to register or provide any personal information.

The partnership with Ethereum also makes Polygon different from other payment solutions. The blockchain network’s advanced capabilities will support developers in creating innovation projects. It provides developers with a reliable blockchain infrastructure for their mobile applications, allowing for secure and competitive transactions between end users and the apps.

The development of Polygon could revolutionize the way developers, consumers, and businesses interact. Rather than having to use traditional payment systems that tend to have slow transactions, cumbersome verification processes, and high fees, developers will have the freedom to create applications with low costs, fast payouts and more  transparency.

This new technology could revolutionize the mobile app world, taking e-commerce and digital payment process to the next level. With its release, it’s obvious that Opera is continuing to stay ahead of the curve in terms of modern web technologies. Its partnership with Ethereum allows it to leverage the latest blockchain technologies, making it possible for developers to create cutting-edge mobile applications. We can expect to see more advancements in this field soon!

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Celo Launches Open-Source Platform to Improve Access to Financial Services

Fintech startup Celo has announced the launch of its open-source platform, which is designed to improve access to financial services. The platform is built on the Ethereum network and is based on a decentralized, blockchain-powered protocol that facilitates global access to financial services and digital asset management.

The platform will allow anyone to access Celo’s suite of financial services, including remittance payments, microloans, and accounting. With these services, users will be able to send and receive money, create and manage digital asset portfolios, and make payments in major currencies.

According to Celo, the platform is designed specifically to address the challenges of financial inclusion and provide a fairer, more equitable way to access financial services. The platform was designed with the aim to bridge the gap between the “unbanked” and the “banked”, bridging the gap between people who have access to financial services’s and those who don’t.

Celo’s platform will also use a novel consensus mechanism, which allows users to trustlessly store their own data. This means that their data is stored securely and the platform is able to remain compliant with regulatory requirements regarding privacy and legalities.

Celo Platform Paves the Way for Affordable Financial Solutions

Celo is a decentralized, open-source platform that offers users a pathway to financial freedom by providing access to affordable banking solutions. In an effort to bring financial solutions to those who need it most, their mission is to provide access to a wider range of digital financial services at lower costs in order to improve the lives of millions of unbanked and underbanked people around the world. With their platform, users can create digital wallets, store and manage digital assets, as well as access a range of digital investment opportunities.

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The Celo platform is built on a distributed system for peer-to-peer transactions and is designed to facilitate fast and secure payments. The platform utilizes mobile phones as the main interface, aiding in the making the platform more accessible to users. It is built around the use of three assets: Celo Gold (CGLD), Celo Dollar (cUSD), and Celo Stablecoins (cStable), all of which enable users to quickly and easily send and receive payments in a secure manner.

Moreover, one of the major advantages of using the Celo Platform is that users can also create their own currencies and tokens on the platform. This allows them to track and control spending, store funds, and increase financial  literacy. The Celo exchange utilizes a trustless, open-order system which ensures the full transparency of price prices and order books.

Ultimately, the Celo platform is setting out to revolutionize the world of digital banking and provide users with cost-effective access to financial solutions which are often out of reach. By providing access to banking services in emerging economies, the implications of their platform is immeasurable, allowing them to have a profound impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.

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