Common React App Development Mistakes that Developers Should Avoid


Created and launched by Facebook, React Native is one of the famous frameworks for building cross-platform applications. The main advantage of using React Native framework is that it enables developers to reuse code for building apps for both Android and iOS and optimized user experience. While React Native framework allows developers to build powerful mobile apps, developers tend to make some common React app development mistakes. So, what are these mistakes that you need to avoid? Keep reading on to know about these mistakes!

React app development is preferred by many developers because it enhances the development speed with its open-source components and reduces the development cost to develop apps. Due to this, a single codebase might be used on iOS, Android, or other platforms.

Mistakes to Avoid During React App Development

  1. Inaccurate Estimation

One of the main objectives of React Native adoption is the reusability code. Native app developers often make the mistake of overlooking the fact that the page design of an app for Android and iOS can vary significantly. Lack of in-depth knowledge and understanding of page design concepts and formatting standards often leads to the wrong estimation on Android and iOS platforms.

2. Poor Preparation of the Redux Store

Redux technology helps in efficient mobile app management. It helps you to accurately store data collected by the mobile app. Redux is ideal for large-scale projects. However, you need to prepare it properly to avoid unforeseen challenges. Excessive use of Redux leads to more workload. 

When using Redux, you need to create extensive, complex codes even for the slightest change made. Hence, it is not suitable for small applications and business ventures. So, if you’re looking to build a small-scale React Native app, then it is best to avoid using Redux.

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3. Images Are Not Optimized

This is one of the common React app development mistakes that developers make during the development process. Optimizing images in a React Native application is a key component that needs more attention as the app’s output is extremely dependent on image optimization. Unoptimized images take up a considerable amount of memory and storage space and reduce the app’s efficiency.

Here’s how you can optimize images properly:

  • Use small-size images
  • Use images in the PNG file format
  • Capture images locally for faster app loading speed

4. Forgetting to Remove Log Statements


When developing React Native apps, a developer can make use of console log statements. This helps them in debugging the code throughout the development process and ensuring it’s completely bug-free. You must remove all log declarations before moving ahead. Developers often forget to erase the console’s log statements.

This can create great problems especially when both rendering and logic approaches are used in the same app. Due to which, these log statements might lead to JavaScript thread congestion. This may also cause an app to perform slow and sluggishly.

5. Not Following Best Coding Practices and Tests

You must always follow the best coding practices for React app development. While creating an app for customer-oriented businesses using React Native, you can use React Native-specific coding best practices. For instance, you should follow the naming standards and efforts to enhance the code readability. 

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If you don’t follow the best coding and testing techniques, this can lead to unwanted delays in app development and a reduction in the app’s efficiency and quality. Therefore, you should follow the coding best practices.

6. Lack of In-Depth Knowledge of Third-party Modules

Developers usually use third-party modules as they save a lot of time. They make things much easier and faster because they come with documentation. However, these external modules may split or fail to perform as expected. Therefore, you need to thoroughly examine the code which is one of React Native’s best practices. By reading about the external modules, it becomes easier to identify the problems with the module and how to fix them.

7. Ignoring the Structure of the Project 

The project’s inappropriate structure will make it challenging for you to work with and manage projects. A project can be organized in several ways. It can ease the developers’ life if project files and directories are well-organized. Beginners usually tend to ignore the project’s structure which further leads to problems. To avoid any unforeseen problems, it is wise to include the best project structure within your React Native mobile application.


React Native has a few issues; however, it passes all checks and obstacles to become every developer’s or app development company the premier choice for mobile app development. To err is human. However, you must learn from these mistakes and never repeat them again. If you’re planning to create React Native applications, then make sure you avoid the above-mentioned common React app development mistakes and build powerful cross-platform applications using this amazing development framework.

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