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Read on to know How Intelligent Call Center Software Increases Customer Satisfaction?


Call center solution has been used in the industry for many years by call centers. Now, it is used in companies as well. The latest advancement in this industry is intelligent call center software. The intelligent call center solution is the most advanced type of call center solutions and it offers a wide array of benefits to the companies and call centers that use it. Thus, more and more companies and call centers have started using it. In this article, I will share one of the top benefits of using an intelligent call center software solution: “Increased customer satisfaction”.

This type of call center solution can increase customer satisfaction in multiple ways. Let me share how.

  1. It lets a customer self serve himself

Customers can use the features available in this type of call center to self serve themselves. It reduces the call queue as customers do not need to stay on the line until they get connected to the live agent. For example, an interactive voice response system and Soundboard Avatars are some of those features which can be used to allow customers to self serve themselves. Here is a detailed example of the same. When a customer connects to the call center, he or she will get to hear a predefined IVR menu. This IVR menu will be programmed in a way that allows customers to get answers to frequently asked questions. The reduced hold time and increased customer satisfaction help to increase customer satisfaction.

  1. It lets agents provide professional responses

Often customers get frustrated because of the way agents speak to them. They might not intend to be rude to the customers, but they do that. Of course, the call center solution offers quality control features such as whisper, barge-in, live call view, live call dashboards, etc. These features have to be used to make sure agents are polite and professional. Moreover, the intelligent call center software offers features like call script and Soundboard, which can help agents be to the point and polite.

  1. It lets strengthen customer relationship

The intelligent call center software solution offers many features to build customer relationship and strengthen it. Let’s understand with an example. When a call of the customer is received by the intelligent call center software solution, a nice greeting message will be played by an IVR menu. Then, the call will be routed to the most experienced and proficient agent by skill-based call routing rule. The agent can use the Soundboard Avatar to impress the customer. The call script will help to deliver the best pitch to the customer. The intelligent call center solution also has a feature, called, the sticky agent. When a customer calls again, the call will be routed to the same agent. This helps in strengthening the customer relationship.

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These are the top ways the intelligent call center software helps call centers and businesses to increase customer satisfaction. There are many benefits of using this type of call center solution. Along with increasing customer satisfaction, the intelligent call center software also helps in increasing productivity, performance, and ROI.

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