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How the Best Spy Apps for iPhone Will Uncover Online Dating Frauds


Valentine’s Day is basically like the big day for online dating frauds. It’s the day they get be out in full form and with raging energy to harm because that is quite simply the day where they can find more prey. Valentine’s Day is often when people despise being lonely. And being that it is 2016, dating norms having taken a more digital interface. So it’s no surprise that people set out looking for love in the online world. Unfortunately, it is hearts like these that get targeted the most. Especially if the targets happen to be teenagers that will fall for anything.

Fear not, parents of the world. We won’t let your child’s Valentine’s Day be a time of horrors. We’re going to talk you through some of the best spy apps for iPhone that will help you be in tune with who is communicating with your child so you can uncover fraudulent activities right away.


This is a family app that proves to be pretty useful in situations where all members are scattered all over the map and each one needs to keep track of another. It puts the entire family on a singular platform, and from there you can have conversations and contact each other whenever need be. It is convenient and works pretty well on iPhone. You could use this to keep all your kid’s locations in check for V-Day.


TeenSafe is a similar parental control app that helps you keep track of your teenager. This app goes one step ahead and helps you read their messages as well. This way, you can find out the nature of messages they’ve been receiving. You can separate their friends and acquaintances from contacts that seem altogether suspicious. You’ll probably be able to tell right away if someone is there to harm your child.


Next on our list of iPhone spy apps is XNSPY. And this makes the top of the list and we’ll tell you why. XNSPY does everything the top two apps do, but it also does a little more. For example, sure you can find out your child’s location through GPS. And sure you can read their text messages. But this app also lets you in on their communication through other apps like WhatsApp or Kik or Line or Viber or Facebook. You’ll also be able to go through their Instagram. You can read through their web activity, which means you’ll know every single webpage they have visited at any given second. And oh yes. This is all remote and in real time. This means you never really need actual, physical access to your child’s device. All the information from there gets discreetly uploaded onto an online portal that only the parent has access too. Oh, and another thing we’re loving about XNSPY? It comes with 2 different versions for iPhone. One is more comprehensive and requires a jailbreak, and the other is through iCloud monitoring. Pick whichever suits you!

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So we’ve done our duty and laid down the best spy apps for iPhone that we know of. If you’ve got something to add, let’s get the conversation going!

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