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How to Automatically Record Calls on Android


Oftentimes, many recording devices lean to be unsuccessful only because it records a one-sided conversation. There are a number of smartphones in which you will find an inbuilt recorder for recording files. But this feature has now dropped from handsets. These manual recorders are now outdated and you may not find this feature in every android smartphone.

So, for best recording, prefer downloading auto call recorder app. Download and install Total Recall call recorder app which allows you to record calls automatically once you pick a call. This total recall app is designed for Android users and with an easy user interface which let users record easy run this application. Also, you get a 30 days free testing period for a month which helps you to experience the working and functioning of this application.

Prior to downloading this app, make sure that this app attunes on your device, as this app does not adjust to every handset.  

Rooting may be essential and this app may work as a system app to improve steadiness.

This call recorder android app records telephonic conversation automatically i.e. both-sided recording- both incoming and outgoing call. The recording starts the moment you receive a call or make a call. This recording is possible by making a manual setting and activating the option of auto record which records files when you make or receive calls. This recording application support cloud services that facilitate you to save recorded calls to the server like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google drive, sound cloud, and Evernote. It also consents you to decide from various recording formats like MP4, MP3, AMR, WAV, etc.

You can also record audio files like lectures, speeches, voice notes, meetings, conferences, and other audio files. These recordings are also in the same format as mentioned above. You can share these recordings via Social media applications like Whatsapp, Wechat, Viber, etc and also you can share these files via Bluetooth. Undoubtedly, this recorder comes with outstanding sound recording quality regardless of low volume and background noise. Also, you can record conversations with no beep sound.

Automatic call recorder is now a need of every common person for recording routine conversations, and used by several businessmen‘s or professionals, for recording their business talks and deals. Even doctor‘s record calls with their patients for medical assessment to be done later. In other words, it is now everyone‘s need. These users are amazed when they got to know about this pioneering innovation.

This application has an easy user interface and is designed by developers of US. This app also features a passwords protection option, where you can secure all recorded files. Also, along with securing your recorded files, it also secures user information. Once you get this app installed, you may not receive any annoying or spam advertisements on this recording app.

This call recorder android application is worth downloading making your investment valuable. Get this app installed and receive regular updates. For any query, our support team is available to help you out via email or forums.

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