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Call Center Dialer Widget in CRM Solution and More about It


A call center dialer widget in the CRM solution can be very useful. Read on to know more about the call center dialer widget and more details related to that.

You may have heard of call center dialer widget which appears in the CRM solution. It is very useful when companies call multiple people to generate sales or to convince customers. There are many benefits to the call center dialer widget. If you are not aware of its functions, features, and benefits, read on. In this article, I will share complete details about this widget.

What is the call center dialer widget?

It is a small popup that appears in the CRM solution when an agent or executive calls the customer from the CRM solution. This call center widget can have different buttons that give access to different controls to the executive or agent that is on a live call with the customer or prospect. Below is the list of some of the most common features available in the call center dialer widget:

  • Call mute
  • Call un-mute
  • Call hold and pickup
  • Call transfer
  • Hang up

Once the call is finished, the executive will see a box in which he can write feedback or comments related to the call which is called disposition.

How to get a call center widget in the CRM solution?

This widget comes from the call center solution. VoIP companies offer call center CRM integration services. As part of this service, it integrates call center software with the CRM solution. Once both of these systems are integrated, the agents can get access to the call center widget within the Customer Relationship Management solution.

The VoIP experts can also add one more feature, called, click to call in the CRM software. This feature lets executives click on the lead number and once clicked, the call center widget will appear and the call will be established with the customer or prospects.

The agents, in this case, see the details of the customer they have called in the CRM solution and they get access to the widget which gives access to the call center software features. It means with call center CRM integration, agents get a powerful tool that combines the power of both call center software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution.

Why use a call center dialer widget?

This tool allows companies to leverage the benefits of the call center software for calling purposes. As everyone knows, the call center solution is a very powerful tool to run different calling campaigns. The call center dialer widget gives easy access to major features of the call center solution and that also without leaving the screen of the CRM system.

The call center dialer uses manual dialer which lets agents click leads one by one to connect to the customer. They do not need to dial a number. All they need to do is click on the lead record. It also gives an opportunity to reduce the cost of telecommunication. The call center solution uses SIP-based calling which is cheaper than PSTN based calling. This solution also helps in increasing productivity as a lot of time spent in manually calling customers can be saved and used in other productive tasks.


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