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Corporate animated videos: benefits of animated videos and best free animation software


The animated videos for companies help highlight a key point about products, services or values of an organization. Their objectives can be diverse: increase sales, improve engagement, increase loyalty, explain a concept, etc. For this reason, the realization of corporate animated videos is the most effective tool to maintain contact with the audience.

Generate an affective commitment with your clients

People have increased their consumption of Internet video. YouTube statistics indicate that users spend more than 1 billion hours a day on the platform, generating billions of views in a short time.

Due to the large amount of content that can be found on this and other social platforms, corporate animated videos can give your brand the possibility of generating an effective engagement with your client and differentiating yourself from your competition. This is possible because this content has the ability to explain a complex topic in a simple, dynamic, fun and entertaining way. If people engage with your message, this will be the first step in taking a buying action.

Just one last fact: according to the Content Marketing Institute , audiences are roughly 10 times more likely to interact and share video content than any other type of digital format.

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Improve your brand image

Animated videos give you the ability to integrate different elements such as logos, color schemes, tones of voice and images related to the brand. Therefore, by using these elements you will be able to:

  • Spread and highlight the essence of your brand.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Show the attributes of the brand.

According to a survey, 58% of B2B companies use logo animations in their videos, which allows the improvement of interaction with future consumers.

Expand the reach of your brand

The animated videos for companies display your products, services or brand values simple, easy and enjoyable way. This will allow you to expand your business and reach new markets. These types of videos allow consumers to discover new brands to buy. Isn’t it time to implement it in your marketing strategy? 

Holds your audience’s attention

One of the reasons why you should use animated videos for sales is that it holds the attention of consumers. Carla Clark, a neuroscientist at The Draw Shop, stated in an interview with Forbes that the “use of animation in videos provides a vivid visual progression, keeping the viewer busy.” For this reason, 94% of marketers believe that corporate video improves awareness of brand products and services. 

Conversion rates increase

Conversion ratios tell you the percentage of users who perform an action on your website. Growwy estimates indicated that 90% of online shoppers made a purchase decision after watching a video, while 85% of users say they are willing to buy on pages where there is audiovisual content. 

Including animated corporate videos in your marketing plan will help you achieve your brand goals. Apart from being simple and easy to create, it will allow you to position yourself over your competition without any problem.

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How to create an animated video?

So, the very first thing you will look for is to get a best free animation software, and your search might get to an end with Mango Animate Animation Maker, that has proven to be most efficient, full of features, and modern software for the creation of animated video. This powerful software has templates that will help you in creating your marketing tool within few minutes. On the other hand, there are so many characters whom you can include in your video directly such as doctor, engineer, nurse etc. Moreover, it’s a free software that has free built-in editor and resources and therefore, you can create your videos yourself.

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