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@andrewsantino – Just Released My First Stand Up Special SMILE IF YOU’RE LYING !


Good news comedians! Atlantic Records comedian, Andrew Santino, has just released his first all-new stand-up special – ‘Smile If You’re Lying’. As one of the up-and-coming comedians who’s quickly becoming a household name, Andrew is bringing his signature humor and knack for making dark issues lighthearted and relatable to the stage.

This special covers no subject too sacred for Andrew as he hilariously talks about experiences as a husband, father and generally confused individual. With his unique Millennial perspective on everything from social media to modern relationships to parenting, Andrew puts his own lighthearted spin on it all. 

The special is currently available to stream and download on all major digital music stores.

For fans who want to see Andrew bring his humor to life, the ‘Smile If You’re Lying’ tour kicks off with sold-out shows in Los Angeles and continues at venues around the country.

Be sure to check out Andrew Santino’s stand-up special ‘Smile If You’re Lying’, and grab your tickets for the upcoming tour before they sell out!

Andrew Santino Live On Twitter – Answers Questions From His Followers

It was a momentous night for Andrew Santino when he went live on Twitter to answer questions from his followers. Santino, the popular stand-up comedian and actor, gave his fans a rare opportunity to cross-examine their favorite star and find out some of his deep-seated secrets.

The official Twitter account of Santino posted a tweet announcing the start of the Q&A session, and within no time, the tweets were flooding in with questions. Fans asked questions related to his career, relationships, and personal life, and Santino was more than glad to answer them.

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During the live Twitter session, Santino revealed that his most memorable performance was the one he did in the Broadway production of ‘The Book of Mormon.’ He also shared that the role he most enjoyed playing was the character of ‘Stuart’ in the show ‘Another Period.’ For his future projects, the California native revealed that he is currently working on a new sitcom, which will be coming out soon.

Santino was candid about his personal life, too. He admitted that he has learned to not take himself too seriously as an actor and to have more fun with roles. He also shared that his favorite food is pizza, and he loves

Andrew Santino Talks About His Comedy Special And Life On The Road

In recent years, Andrew Santino has become one of the most sought-after comedians on the stand-up comedy circuit. Known for his quick wit, fearless jokes, and off-the-cuff style, Santino has been creating waves in the comedy world. Recently, he released his new stand-up special, Andrew Santino: Home Field Advantage, on Comedy Central.

In Home Field Advantage, Santino takes the audience on an intimate journey as he recounts stories from his life on the road as a touring comic. He talks about everything from his struggles in the NYC comedy scene to the unique experiences he’s had in places like Chicago and Los Angeles. He gives a humorous and often edge-of-your-seat look into the lifestyle of a traveling comedian.

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Santino also talks about being a “roady” and the differences between being a headliner, an opening act, and a feature for a show. He reveals a few secrets about his craft as he talks about his process for crowd work, and how he uses them to maximize his punch lines.

As Santino talks about his life on the road, he shares the highs and lows of being a touring comedian. He talks about the comradery on the road  and how the comedy fraternity has been supportive, especially when the going gets tough. He also touches upon the loneliness one can feel between gigs and how comedy can be a bit of an “every man for himself” scene.

At the end of the special, Santino gives the audience a real glimpse into his inner thoughts and feelings. He also shares his own personal stories, including one of the first times he ever went on the road to do comedy and the various lessons he has learned throughout his career.

The home field advantage in Andrew Santino’s new stand-up special is an honest, thoughtful, and hilarious look into the world of a touring comedian from the perspective of a pro. If you’re looking for an entertaining and hilarious comedy special, then don’t miss out on Andrew Santino: Home Field Advantage.


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