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Where Did Oovoo Javer Go?


Oovoo Javer was a popular video chat messenger app that connected people across the world through virtual conversations. It was also compatible with most devices such as Personal Computers, iPhones, Android, and even X-Box.

The fact that it was so popular and widely used made it the perfect tool for businesses, organizations, and families who wanted to keep in touch with each other. Unfortunately, however, the app completely disappeared from the market in 2018 – leaving many of its users wondering what happened to it.

Though Oovoo Javer’s exact fate isn’t completely clear, the general consensus is that it was a victim of the industry’s changing landscape. At the time, more popular platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp had been released, which meant that Oovoo Javer was no longer as needed as it once was.

The company’s troubles were further compounded by their lack of updates to the service, which many people saw as a sign that they weren’t taking the necessary steps to keep up with the competition. Without the necessary updates, many users found themselves increasingly relying on other services that had more modern design and features.

Ultimately, this led to the company’s closure and disappearance from the market. As of 2021, there is still no indication that the Oovoo Javer app will return, and its active user base has dwindled to virtually zero. As a result, many of the people who used

 Finding Closure: A Look at What Happened to Oovoo Javer

On November 7th, 2018, the cloud-based video-chat service Oovoo Javer ceased its services. Despite having millions of users and providing a vast array of features, the communication platform failed to sustain itself. While there are many different theories regarding what went wrong with Oovoo Javer, there is no definitive answer. However, we can look at some of the events that potentially led to its demise in order to gain some closure on the matter.

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The primary reason why Oovoo Javer failed was due to a lack of user engagement. Their user base began to decline over time due to numerous issues, including a lack of updates and maintenance to the platform, as well as its inability to push out messages quickly. The lack of engagement meant that many users stopped using the platform altogether, and soon it began to struggle to survive.

Additionally, Oovoo Javer became a victim of its own success. Many of its features spread outward to other messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Skype, which overtook Oovoo Javer in popularity and in turn damaged its user base even further.

Furthermore, the increasing competition in the market by larger players such as Microsoft and Facebook also hindered Oovoo Javer’s success. Despite the fact that the company was successful at the time, the competition posed an insurmountable challenge.

Despite these factors, many people mourn the loss of Oovoo Javer and its capabilities, whether they  use them or not. The platform had a lot of potential, and many users enjoyed its features. In the end, Oovoo Javer’s closure serves as a reminder that in the ever-changing digital landscape, no platform is infallible.

 RIP Oovoo Javer: What Happened to the Popular Video Conferencing App?

Today, on April 20th, we bid farewell to one of the best and most reliable video-conferencing apps in the business for almost a decade – Oovoo Javer. Many of us are devastated to let go of this beloved app since it was a great alternative for services like Skype and Zoom for those who wanted a more private and secure experience. It was also a great way to make free international calls and collaborate on projects from remote locations.

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From being a successful video-conferencing platform with millions of loyal followers, to being shut down with no explanation, Oovoo Javer’s disappearance has left us with many questions.

Though the company never released an official statement regarding its closure, rumors suggest that their parent company, Telmate LLC, was unable to keep up with the rising costs of maintaining the app. With Zoom and Skype dominating the market, Oovoo Javer was unable to compete and hence had to shut down operations.

It was unfortunate that the company was unable to inform its users before suddenly discontinuing services, as that would’ve allowed us to move our data to other services in time. It was clear that the closure of the app was sudden and unexpected for all users.

Overall, we will miss the quick and secure video-conferencing options that Oovoo Javer offered, along with its free international calling capabilities. We hope the company releases an official statement in the future, so  we can understand what happened to the popular video-conferencing app.

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