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Unabrands Launches 40mshutechcrunch Platform To Streamline In-Store Shopping Experience


Unabrands, an innovative retail technology company, recently announced the launch of their new platform – 40mShuTechCrunch. With this new platform, Unabrands seeks to offer a seamless and efficient in-store shopping experience. 

The platform is an amalgamation of Unabrands’s two flagship products – a next-generation in-store retail backend system (40mShu) and a consumer-facing shopping service (TechCrunch). With the integration of these two products, Unabrands can now provide retailers and shoppers with an enhanced, unified experience. 

The 40mShu platform allows retailers to easily and quickly manage their in-store operations including merchandising, inventory management, analytics, and more. With this platform, retailers can manage their stock, inventory, and sales more effectively as well as generate valuable consumer data that can be used in marketing campaigns

For shoppers, the TechCrunch shopping service provides an intuitive and interconnected shopping experience with real-time updates and product recommendations. Additionally, shoppers can take advantage of in-store promotions and discounts, as well as browse through personalized product curation. 

With 40mShuTechCrunch, Unabrands is aiming to revolutionize in-store shopping experiences by providing retailers and shoppers with a fully integrated e-commerce experience. This will not only create a more efficient shopping experience, but also create more value for retailers and enhanced customer satisfaction

UnaBrands Disrupts Retail Industry with 40Mshutechcrunch Integration

UnaBrands, a leading technology provider in the retail industry, recently announced a major integration of its flagship product, 40Mshutechcrunch, with its retail partners. The new integration will allow retailers to more easily access and manage their inventory, ensuring a better customer experience and providing access to more items.

The integration makes use of the latest in AI and machine learning technology to help retailers analyse customer data, identify customer behaviours and predict customer needs. Using this data, the ability to automatically recommend additional purchases, or the ability to bundle and tailor promotions, gives retailers more opportunities to engage with their customers and improve their overall shopping experience.

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But that’s not all. The integration also provides greater visibility and control for retailers, allowing them to monitor their own stock levels, as well as monitor customer activity and trends. This allows for greater insights into customer behaviour, which in turn allows retailers to offer more customised and tailored promotions that better meet customer needs.

The integration also allows retailers to easily create promotional campaigns, offering discounts or free shipping, or reward points and other discounts based on customer behaviour. With Una Brands’ integration, they can now quickly and easily identify when a customer is ready to take advantage of offers or new deals, and they can also ensure they get the most out of their marketing campaigns by targeting the right customers.

Overall, the integration is a major step forward for Una Brands and the retail industry. With its use of advanced  technologies, Una Brands is providing retailers with the ability to easily access and manage their data, improving customer experience and ensuring better ROI from marketing campaigns. This is yet another example of how Una Brands is helping retailers better serve their customers and stay ahead of the competition. 

How UnaBrands is Leveraging 40Mshutechcrunch to Revolutionize Brick-and-Mortar Retail

In today’s digital age, brick-and-mortar retail is facing an uncertain future. Many retailers are struggling to keep their customers engaged and are unable to keep up with more agile competitors. But UnaBrands has found a way to revolutionize brick-and-mortar retail, thanks to its recent $40M Series B round led by ShutechCrunch. 

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UnaBrands is leveraging the power of ShutechCrunch to bring a new wave of customer-centric retail to stores. By investing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics, UnaBrands is enhancing the customer experience and bringing new levels of efficiency to the retail process. 

UnaBrands is using ShutechCrunch to develop a platform that helps retailers maximize customer satisfaction. By integrating its proprietary technologies with existing digital tools, UnaBrands is helping to create an “endless aisle” of products that customers can access and order from any device. The platform will also enable retailers to deliver personalized recommendations and discounts through custom promotions. 

UnaBrands is also taking full advantage of the power of ShutechCrunch’s vast network of partners. Through partnerships with leading tech companies, the company is creating an ecosystem that connects stores, shoppers, and suppliers to maximize profits and create loyalty.

By leveraging ShutechCrunch, UnaBrands is re-inventing the way customers shop and how stores  run their operations. Its platform is bringing new levels of engagement and efficiency to brick-and-mortar retail, and its partnerships are helping to deliver tremendous benefits to both retailers and customers. UnaBrands is helping to create a brighter future for brick-and-mortar retail, and it’s revolutionizing the industry with its cutting-edge technology.

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