What Companies Provide Training Data for Machine Learning?


Training data for machine learning (ML) model development are nowadays offered by various companies to build the model but training data for ML research can be difficult to find. Actually, researchers are not involved in any kind of development, they need such data merely for research so, they cannot spend too much money on acquiring the data.

Training data for research purpose can be quite different compare to model training for real-life use. Researcher can compromise with quality at some extend and they also don’t need too much of data sets to train the ML models during the research.

Basically, in machine learning training supervised and semi-supervised machine learning algorithms are usually hard to find and also costly to produce due to extraordinary time and efforts required to create such labeled data. And for unsupervised learning, high-quality datasets are also difficult and expensive to produce, hence they can acquire from existing datasets.

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Datasets for Machine Learning Research

Training datasets consists, texts, images and videos used for object detection, facial recognition and for multi-labeled classification. And such data can be acquired from the companies producing the training data sets for machine learning and AI model training.

Cogito can help machine learning researchers to in collecting the training datasets for such needs. It is professionally engaged in creating the training datasets in the form of annotated images for object detection in computer vision for machine learning.

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It can provide the huge quantity of datasets for object detection, facial recognition and object classification while training a ML model for a particular field. Working with diverse fields of clients it has, and it can provide the training data sets for machine learning research in different fields including healthcare, retail, automobile, robotics and automated machines or drone flying.

ML researchers seeking the low-cost and quality datasets can find the right solution here at Cogito. That works with flexible working hours and scalable solution to supply the machine learning training data as per the customize needs of clients. It is working large team base having expertize and experience in creating the labeled data at faster speed with best accuracy.

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